Occupy Opportunity

“In their quest to fight for the American Dream, protesters are declaring their right to jobs.”

There’s something inherently wrong about this statement, but it’s exactly the premise of the still-ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests nation-wide.

Thousands nation-wide are spending their time and energy communicating that it’s up to our governments and big businesses to put us pack to work. It’s a message to wait. To hope that someone, somewhere will do something to make things better.

It’s a complete contradiction of the message that should be shared. One of opportunity and hope, that now’s a better time than ever to create a path of your own, rather than wait for one to be paved for you. That making things better starts from within.

If there’s a point to be had today to anyone and everyone who’s reading this and is out of work or looking to change career paths, it’s “don’t wait”. Now is the time to start making things happen. Today is the day to start working for tomorrow.

I’m living proof that it doesn’t take an extraordinary individual to do great things. The only difference between someone who wants to do something and someone who is? Action. Doing, instead of thinking about doing.

So take action. To those camping out on Wall Street (or to the few who may still be bumming around downtown Nashville), to those who have been sitting behind a desk hoping to find something better, don’t continue to wait for someone to create opportunities and open doors for you. Start creating them yourself. Set your own path. Pave your own road. Tell the bigwigs out there you don’t need them and that you’re better off on your own. Because you are.

What’s your take on the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests?

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