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No Time? Make Time.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Worried about making deadlines?

Odds are you’re over-committing yourself. You’ve said “yes” to too many meetings, you’re subscribed to too many newsletters, and there simply isn’t enough time in the day to fit it all in.

The message in the video above is simple: Make time. Stop wondering if you have time and start making time for the things that matter.

If you keep telling yourself you don’t have the time, you’ll never make the time. You do have the time, if you make time. Truth.

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  1. I suggest creating a measurable goal for the workouts beyond a time amount, like running for 30 mins. That is how it easily becomes a chore. Last summer/fall my goal was to go from 0-10K (sorry Canadian haha). Now, a co-worker and I are training for a Sprint Triathlon – it is crazy how a distance goal or something that you can’t do now, will push you to be better. The pounds just drop.nnGreat advice about making time.

    • Agreed RE: having a bigger goal than “losing ___ pounds” or “working out one hour per day” – to sustain, it needs to be bigger than that. For me, I’m simply committed to being active and living healthier. The other things like losing weight, etc are just perks :)

      • Fair enough. But living healthier is so relative and means you can basically live the same lifestyle you have with minor changes – still healthier than 2010. I’d challenge you to something like a half-marathon in August, which you would have to make leaps and bounds in eating, hydrating and training. Different people are motivated in different ways though I guess, I know you have no issue with motivation haha.

        • The marathons and what-not will come with the whole healthier living thing. But yes, I’ve set goals of running a race every month, half marathons, etc. But in the grand scheme, those are still short-term, I’d rather be a healthier individual (overall) who’s then capable to do things like run a marathon, etc.nnWe all (including yours truly) can use a little external motivation from time to time. I’m no wonder-boy ;)

  2. Great message dude. Life gets crazy sometimes and stepping back to analyze whats important and what will get you to your goal is needed. Very timely.