The Pitch that Worked | Altitude Branding

Thinking about pitching a blogger your product or service. READ THIS POST. Very useful tips for anyone looking to outreach to us bloggers. Go read this, THEN send me an email about why I should write about you or let you advertise here. And please, for the love of God, don’t start the e-mail with “Dear Fellow Blogger”…

Running an Overhead-Free Business | Exile Lifestyle

Simply put – a great post for any solo-preneur looking for a cost effective way to run their business. I’m in the boat here – running with virtually zero overheard – which means that almost everything I bring in I can put in pocket. You don’t need big money to start a business (depending on what it is) – and this post sums it up to a tee.

Three Reasons You Need to Convince Newbies They Need a Website | Men with Pens

Everyone could use a website. Everyone needs a website. Bottom line. In this day and age, people are going to Google your Buisness – in fact, they’re likely to do that before ANYTHING else. What are you pointing them to? Are you proud of what’s there? Are you prepared to lose business before they even walk in your door, before they talk to you, because you online impression is that bad? Something to think about – or stop thinking about, and start taking action with. Great post here from Men with Pens.

Live Alive, Not Just in Life: Guidelines for Rebelling Against “Reality” | The Middle Finger Project

An introduction to this post by Ms. Ambirge would be an injustice – so instead, just go read it and get the kick in the ass you need to go have an amazing day. I expect nothing less from every single TMFProject post I read…

Breaking Out of the Box Requires an Actual Break | Writing on Purpose

Teresa and I chatted on the phone recently about how it seems like there are SO many people who literally never (ever) step away from the world of Social Media. It’s borderline sick, and kind of sad really. Social Media is a tool – an extremely valuable tool to build relationships, cultivate friendships, bring in new clients, etc. But at the end of the day – you have to break away. I sometimes wonder what the heck people did before Social Media existed. Every once in a while – give yourself a break from this place and take a deep breathe. It can go a LONG way…

(And the rest of your pretty much wrote about SXSW – and I’m not going…so yeah. Nuff’ said)

Last, if you haven’t already – go check out Blake Sunshine’s fresh new design ( yours truly) and subscribe to her blog. You’ll be glad you did.

What were some of your favorite posts this week?

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