Introducing (and a Pretty Sweet Giveaway)

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I’ll keep this short and sweet. Finally, after a lot of hard work, effort, and planning – I have officially launched MATTCHEVY.COM!

What the heck is it? In short, it’s the Alpha to my Life Without Pants Omega – the professional destination of Matt Cheuvront – and something I’m extremely proud of. It’s a big step toward legitimizing what I’ve been doing “on the side” for the past year, and I’m now breathing a sigh of relief seeing it live and available to the masses.

OK, get to the giveaway part already

In conjunction with FINALLY launching – I’m giving one lucky person the opportunity to “use me” for whatever they need. Call it a “slave for the day“, call it “BFF’s with Matt Cheuvront for a weekend”, or just call it “awesome” – I’m yours (well one of yours) for FIFTEEN (15)  hours. Some examples of things I could do:

  • Whip up a custom, “Slap Ya Mama” blog/web design
  • Rock out your Twitter background & pimp out your Facebook fan page
  • SEO optimization, keyword research, Google Analytics set up and tracking, you know…the works.
  • Copy-editing your web content
  • Teach you how to be a WordPress ninja!
  • Wake up and have my morning coffee with you via Skype.

All you have to do is head over to THIS PAGE and leave a comment (comments here are also accepted) – share what you’d do with your 15 hours of “Chevy-time” and, if you’re so inclined, send a Tweet, post to Facebook, write a blog post – share a little bit of MattChevy cheer.

Sample Tweet: is live! What would you do with 15 hours of @MattChevy’s time?

I can’t repeat enough how excited I am to have this “part of me” finally live. Of course, Life Without Pants will still be a huge part of who I am – this blog is and always will be my pride and joy. Thank you ALL for your continuous support in everything I do. Cheers!