Marketing Approach: Brand Recognition and the Gen Y Kids

This is a guest post from the lovely and talented Lauren Fernandez – who’s making, believe it or not, her first stop here on Life Without Pants as a guest-writer. An Account Executive at Moroch, Lauren frequently writes about PR, community, and branding over at her blog, LAF. If you haven’t already connected with Lauren, you are really missing out. Check out her blog and say hello on Twitter today!

I honestly don’t know if you can market to a generation.

Stereotypes aside, we are all different. Gen Y is a product of their environment growing up. Moral teachings and how to view the world, entitlement and pop culture shaped Generation Y. So how do you reach the masses?

Brand recognition.

To this day, I know the Oscar Mayer commercial songs by heart. I associate food on the go with the brand because of Lunchables. It’s about owning the space that your brand is about – so if the topic comes up, your brand is the first one that comes to mind.

Not everyone can be KodakAmazon or Rainbow Brite – which have a built in audience already. Smaller corporations have to utilize the space – social or not – to determine who their consumers are. Demographics are shifting. Approaches are different. A blanket approach to generations just won’t work.

Grass roots marketing is an approach that should be integrated in the social scheme for brand recognition. Find your brand ambassadors – the ones who will talk about the product, their experience, and showcase it. Build up that foundation so others are curious about what the brand is up to.

So, how can you relate that back to brand recognition? Generation Y in itself trusts their friends and those around them. They crowdsource on social media sites to see what’s best. They turn to Yelp for restaurant recommendations. A grass roots social approach will help brand recognition and effectively market to those consumers that you want to hit.

So what do you think? Is it possible to market to a generation? How do you define demographics? Is brand recognition the true way to go?