Making the Tears Rain Down Like a Monsoon

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years! (thanks LL). Several actually. Just over 23, or for you math majors out there, 734,296,161 seconds to be exact. Of course, this number will change as I’m writing this, and as you’re reading this, and right now…and now….no, now!

But yes, I have made my triumphant (or maybe not so much) return to the world of blogging, and it feels good. To you all, the fine readers out there, this is sort of like the first time you jumped on board the information superhighway with a cable modem. After years of dial-up, sitting, waiting, wishing for something more efficient and more fun, it finally arrived – you could check your email, illegally download music, and watch porn faster than ever before!

A weird analogy, perhaps – but reading this blog should be compared to you’re initiation into watching porn with high-speed Internet capabilities: unsure of what to expect, but knowing that whatever happens is going to be totally awesome (and if you are thinking ‘I’ve never watched porn’, then you are probably lying to yourself, but go ahead, just insert some other witty analogy here).

No, this blog will not focus primarily on pornography, I’ve used my one porn reference for the week and it is now out of my system. But what IS important to conclude from this ‘initial’ post here at Life Without Pants is while you may not always know what’s coming, you are usually going to be entertained, informed, intrigued, or persuaded in some way. Count on it! That affirmation alone should be enough for you to go ahead and bookmark this page in you’re favorites, tell you’re friends and family, update you’re Facebook status and Twitter with something clever like ‘I am reading the funniest, smartest, most bestest blog on the whole world wide web’.

So go ahead and do all that – then come back, and keep doing it, keep coming back, get involved with discussions, or just read and absorb all the good-ness.

Rocky 1 is in the books, consider this Rocky 2, you know – the one where Rocky totally comes back and kicks Apollo’s ass big time. Or Rocky 3, the one where Rocky and Apollo embrace each other and splash through the water on the beach during the training montage, then Rocky comes back and totally kicks Clubber Lang’s ass. Or Rocky 4, the one where Apollo dies (‘it was supposed to be an exhibition!’) then Rocky comes back and kicks Drago’s ass IN Russia. Or Rocky 5…well, that one pretty much sucked. But you get the idea, this is just the prologue to a long series of awesome-ness and ass kickings.

It’s good to be back…