Make Time for Time

I’ve talked previously about how we proudly proclaim that we’re “busy”. That “busy” is used as a form of validation. That “busy” gets in the way of living.

Like you, when someone asks how I’m doing, often the first thing to come out of my mouth is, “Busy. But, good busy”.

Because of course, being busy is better than not being busy, right? Maybe not.

A recent article in Inc Magazine talked about 9 Keys to Business and Career Success. The first? Time. In that, time isn’t something that must be occupied with busy. And that we often slip into the mentality that we need to simply fill our time for the sake of filling it, rather than focusing on being efficient and productive – then using our free time to create, play, and try new things. To quote:

“Deadlines and time frames establish parameters, but typically not in a good way. The average person who is given two weeks to complete a task will instinctively adjust his effort so it actually takes two weeks.

Forget deadlines, at least as a way to manage your activity. Tasks should only take as long as they need to take. Do everything as quickly and effectively as you can. Then use your “free” time to get other things done just as quickly and effectively.

Average people allow time to impose its will on them; remarkable people impose their will on their time.”

Take note: There’s nothing noble about being busy. About filling your time with “stuff”.

Instead of worrying about staying busy, plan and work toward NOT being busy. Allow yourself some space to breathe. Some space for opportunity. Some space for your brilliant ideas to come to life.

Because those things, my friends, only happen outside of “busy”.

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