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Just Say Thanks.

In what’s become almost a ritualistic tradition for me – this time of year I block out part of my day and take time to do one simple, often overlooked, but incredibly powerful task: Saying “Thank you”.

I send emails, make phone calls, and sometimes write hand-written notes to people who have had an impact on my life this year. People who have challenged me. Clients who have hired me. Friends who have motivated me. Sometimes complete strangers who have influenced me.

A simple, heartfelt note of gratitude can be incredibly impactful. The takeaway today is simple: As you’re winding down 2012 and gearing up for 2013, over the next four days, take an hour or two to say thank you to those who have had an impact on you, be it big or small, this year.

Bonus nugget of wisdom to take with you into 2013: Celebrate (don’t discount) accomplishments

You know when someone gives you a compliment and the first thing you say back is, “Oh, it’s no big deal”? I know, I’m guilty of it myself. Example: I was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year at my local Chamber’s annual award ceremony this year. I didn’t win, but even to be considered for something like that – for me – was and is a huge accomplishment. But you know what I did almost every single time someone congratulated me? I responded with “Well, I didn’t win” – or “It’s no big deal”.

We are our own worst enemies and we’re quick to discount our accomplishments – be them big or small. We’re afraid of embracing success and recognition. But allow me to share one very important lesson with you right now: STOP DOING THIS.

Stop discounting yourself. Stop shrugging your accomplishments off. Life’s a bitch and throws a million obstacles your way – don’t make it any more challenging by neglecting to accept, embrace, and celebrate your accomplishments. The one tangible thing you can start doing right now, today? The next time someone gives you a compliment – be it landing a big client, running a 5k, or a comment on that snazzy new tie you wore to work – just respond with “Thank you”.

Thanks goes a long way. Accept that you are doing great things. That you have accomplished a lot. That you do look good. Just say thanks.

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    • Thank you, Marilou. Really happy to have you as a regular reader. Things will be changing up a bit around here in 2013 – but I promise all for the better. Big things ahead! Happy new year to you!

  1. Thank you Matt for your blog. In 2012, I decided to improve my English and my daughter send the link to your blog. She know me very well, I like it.
    I wish you the best for 2013 and hope that you will continue to make us share.

  2. Thank you sir! I’m glad we got to connect this year and I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog. I’d get my pet rats to write you a handwritten note, but they’ve unfortunately not got opposable thumbs…

  3. This post is SO. AWESOME. I love every little nugget of advice you offer, especially about learning how to just say “thank you” and not discount your own accomplishments.

    Happy New Year, Matt!

  4. Hey Matt, thanks for this wonderful post! I took up your suggestion and did a list. While I was doing that, I can’t help thinking how blessed I am to be surrounded by wonderful people.

    Happy New Year!