Is Your Stuff Holding You Back? Thoughts On The Art of Being Minimalist

“…You have to prove to yourself that that fear is unjustified. Because it really is. The world isn’t as hard as they make it seem on TV. One of the easiest ways you can waste your life is by spending it in mediocrity. Not moving, unchanging, settled down and waiting for something to happen. In these moments you have to jump. Don’t think about it, just leave it all behind. These moments are rare, but they are exceptional. Leave it all behind and see what comes next…” – Everett Bogue | The Art of Being Minimalist

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Everett Bogue, author of the e-book “The Art of Being Minimalist” and blogger over at “Far Beyond the Stars“. Following our chat, I had the pleasure of reading his book – and – put simply – it’s completely changed my perspective about the way I see the ‘stuff’ around me.

Below are a few takeaways from Everett’s book, I felt that words on a page really wouldn’t do justice to my thoughts. Enjoy!

The Art of Being Minimalist I STRONGLY encourage you to go and buy a copy of “The Art of Being Minimalist”. Everett in no way asked me to write up this review, I’m simply a passionate believer in his message (which goes far beyond “selling your stuff and traveling the world”) – there’s nothing “preachy” here, just a plethorea of tangible takeaways to implement into your own life. It’ll only set you back $17.00, and he’ll give you a full refund if you’re not happy with the read. What do you have to lose?

Question for my readers: What “stuff” is currently getting in the way and holding you back? How can you start getting rid of some of the stuff today, right now?