You Get What You Give

I firmly believe that life, and the path(s) you choose, comes down to one simple question:

“What is worth investing in?”

Whether it be investing your money into an IRA. Investing your energy into launching the business you’ve always dreamed of. Or investing your heart into a cause you’re passionate about. Life is about investments.

And with any investment there is risk involved. Some risks are low-risk mutual funds and others are rapidly fluctuating high-risk stock options (metaphorically speaking).

You’re not always going to have a guarantee on your investment. But the right one’s, the one’s you believe in, even if there may be no promise of a return, are always worth it.

At this very moment, my good friend Natalie Sisson is investing two months of her life, biking across Africa to raise awareness (and money) for an organization that supports and encourages women’s rights. It’s time that she could be working (or doing anything that doesn’t give you a sore ass) – but she’s choosing to spend her time contributing to something (much) bigger than herself.

Sarah Bray is pouring all of her professional energy into a few highly motivated projects, working with no more than twelve intensive “nation building” projects per year. She could potentially be making a *lot* more money taking on as many things as she can get, but she’s (wisely) choosing to focus her energy and resources on a limited number of high-quality clients that also understand and appreciate the significant investment involved.

I invested in some patio furniture, landscaping, and a grill last weekend. Now my wife and I have a wonderful place to relax and enjoy together. A personal investment that set us back a bit in the bank account, but will pay dividends in our overall happiness. Not to mention, I’ve already been donned with the title of “Grill Master”.

As the bucket-hat-wearing New Radicals once said, “You only get what you give”. 

Investing is a scary word because it always involves giving something up. Your time. Your money. Your energy.

But with every risk, there is a potential for an even greater reward.

We need to be more proactive with our investments: Hire someone to help in launching your brilliant business idea. Donate your time and energy to helping a cause you care about. Buy a new TV so you can be happier on Sunday’s during Football season.

Invest in something. Invest in yourself. You only get what you give.

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10 Responses
  • Meg Boone Reply

    Just wanted to let you know loving your new look and your blog content lately…had to do a subscription ‘clean-up’ for my in-box and the change is part of what is keeping you in my in-box. 
    Keep on grilling ; )

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Thanks, Meg! Glad to know I made the cut! I’ll keep on grilling if you keep on reading. :)

      • Jaky Astik Reply

        Grilling + drilling. You know what Meg, I subscribed to Matt just a week ago. Have been exploring your blog for a while and am really enjoying your writings. They don’t just inspire me like many other blogs. Your posts makes people move and take action. Awesome you and your blog are!

  • Heather Day Reply

    I used to *love* the New Radicals.  In fact… looking them up on Spotify.  Now.  Here’s to giving ourselves permission to ask other people to do what they’re best at (ie: designing websites!) so we can spend our time honing OUR gifts. Another great post!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      I like what you did there – subtle nod to our upcoming convo and props to New Radicals. Well played, and well said, Heather.

  • Christopher Reply

    Very inspiring post, came at a great time for me personally and professionally.

  • Maria Reply

    Getting a grill was a sound decision. My husband and I also invested in one a few months ago and believe that it’s one of the best purchases we have done so far!

    It’s true that giving things up is scary. But in order to change you have to give something up. There is no other way :)

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Agreed. The grill is awesome! And I agree, gaining something almost always means giving something up – but the trade off, when it matters, is always worth it. Cheers!

  • Free From Debt Reply


    This is my first time reading this blog. Definitely won’t be
    my last though, really enjoyed it.

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