I Don’t Know How

I don’t know how to make $100 million dollars. But I do know how to hustle and do exceptional work today that will lead to more work tomorrow.

I don’t know how to make other’s see my way of thinking on equality. But I do know that I can use the platform(s) I’ve developed to share the messages that are important to me.

I don’t know how to run a marathon in 4 hours, but I do know that it’ll take stepping outside and going for a run this morning to get there.

I don’t know how to believe in one religion, but I do know how to be curious. How to question and discover a faith that works best for me.

I didn’t know how to start a business, but I did. I never believed I’d find a woman who would love me even half as much as I love her, but I did. I never thought I’d be able to call myself a homeowner, a marathoner, or an entrepreneur at age 26, but I can. 

“I don’t know how” holds us back from doing what we want to be doing. We let can/cannot hold us back from want/need. We’re unsure of the outcome – we don’t want to get burned – we’re terrified, absolutely terrified of failing, so we never take the first step.

But as my good friend Melissa said recently:

“Do not tell yourself that you don’t know how to make it all happen. That is a given, and frankly, irrelevant. NO ONE has the HOW when they step outside of what they know. You figure it out by immersion. You research. You hustle. You get insight from smart and inspiring people. You stay curious. You put in a ridiculous number of hours. And you work hard.” 

A funny thing happens when you take the leap. When you embrace the “now”. When you do something daring. You figure things out.

It isn’t always pretty, in fact sometimes it’ll be downright ugly. Taking that leap toward something when you don’t know how it’ll turn out can (and will) at times leave you depressed, frustrated, angry, and confused.

But more than anything, with every negative emotion, it will build something within you that cannot be underestimated…

Desire. Determination. Faith. Hope. Confidence.

That’s when “I don’t know how” stops holding you back, and starts propelling your forward.

When I look back at all that I’ve accomplished so far, there has been no secret formula, no resounding lessons to be shared so others can follow in my footsteps.

It all circles back to not knowing the outcome, but knowing how to take the first step.

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