I Bought A House (A Follow Up to Feeling Alive)

Last week I wrote about two moments recently that made me feel “alive”. You’ve had moments like this – and most likely, they immediately come to you. You don’t have to think about when it was or what was the occasion. These are life-changing moments that have you feeling totally fulfilled and that, even if for a brief moment, the stars aligned just for you.

Admittedly, that’s a little dramatic, but if you don’t have that epic, Hans Zimmer ballad-inducing moment every once in a while, it’s time to check your pulse. It’s moments like those, like these (the one I’m talking about today) that trump all the arguments, all the frustration, all the sadness.

Which brings us to last weekend – and that time when I put an offer in on a house – and that time when said offer was accepted and yours truly began the next chapter of life as a home-owner.

Yes, that’s right, the papers are signed and (pending a catastrophic home inspection) my wife, my dog, and your very own master of ceremonies here will have a place to call home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Notice that I say “home”, not house. We didn’t buy a house, we didn’t buy 4 walls to carry out our daily tasks within. My wife and I bought something much more than that.

This is a place for my wife to carry out her wildest decorating fantasies. It’s the place where I’ll write my first book. It’s a backyard for our dog, Cowboy to explore. It’s a place to cherish the memories of old, but most importantly, it’s a place where new memories will undoubtedly be made.

Buying a house isn’t for everyone. It involves a huge financial and personal commitment. It’s exciting, but equally terrifying.

This post isn’t about whether or not you should buy a house (that’s for you to decide). Instead, this post is about finding a place to call home. Whether that be your 3,000 square foot villa on the beaches of Thailand or a charming 1940s home in East Nashville.

We all need a place to call home. We all need a place that makes us feel safe and secure. A place where creativity thrives and memories are made. A place that makes us feel alive.

So here’s to the next chapter for yours truly. No doubt it will be even more exciting than the one’s that have come before.

If nothing else, at least I’ll have a lot more closet space.