‘I Am An Entrepreneur’ – A Manifesto For Us All

Three months ago I wrote a manifesto, and I hate manifestos.

Even the word “manifesto” makes me cringe. But there I was, writing one that seemed to reflect exactly how I felt, and how I feel, every day.

Then it started spreading. People literally worldwide started sharing the image and message. I received comments, tweets, and emails from folks asking where they could buy a copy. I knew when I started regularly seeing it in my Instagram feed, it had gotten pretty big.

The point of my “Entrepreneurship Manifesto” wasn’t one focused on entrepreneurship at all, really. Rather, it was a manifesto for us all. A manifesto for the rest of us. One that defined not a way of working, but a way of living.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that the manifesto, “I Am An Entrepreneur” is now for sale – available for wall-hanging and conversation-starting everywhere!

This 18 x 24 poster designed by the extremely talented Kate Hall is being sold by the fine folks at Cool People Care. A dollar of each sale will go to Kiva – an outstanding non-profit that helps to inspire and fund entrepreneurs in developing countries to get their ideas off the ground.

For $20, you’ll have some sexy new art for your wall (printed on high-quality poster-stock paper), and maybe more importantly, a constant reminder that whether you’re running your own business, working a nine to five, or unemployed – that idea, that passion, that hustle that represents entrepreneurship and the desire to do something great, is within us all. 

Click here to buy the “I Am An Entrepreneur” poster. 

I Am An Entrepreneur

Interested in winning a free one? I’ll be giving away THREE (3) free posters this Friday, June 1st. Here are three ways you can enter: