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‘I Am An Entrepreneur’ – A Manifesto For Us All

Three months ago I wrote a manifesto, and I hate manifestos.

Even the word “manifesto” makes me cringe. But there I was, writing one that seemed to reflect exactly how I felt, and how I feel, every day.

Then it started spreading. People literally worldwide started sharing the image and message. I received comments, tweets, and emails from folks asking where they could buy a copy. I knew when I started regularly seeing it in my Instagram feed, it had gotten pretty big.

The point of my “Entrepreneurship Manifesto” wasn’t one focused on entrepreneurship at all, really. Rather, it was a manifesto for us all. A manifesto for the rest of us. One that defined not a way of working, but a way of living.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that the manifesto, “I Am An Entrepreneur” is now for sale – available for wall-hanging and conversation-starting everywhere!

This 18 x 24 poster designed by the extremely talented Kate Hall is being sold by the fine folks at Cool People Care. A dollar of each sale will go to Kiva – an outstanding non-profit that helps to inspire and fund entrepreneurs in developing countries to get their ideas off the ground.

For $20, you’ll have some sexy new art for your wall (printed on high-quality poster-stock paper), and maybe more importantly, a constant reminder that whether you’re running your own business, working a nine to five, or unemployed – that idea, that passion, that hustle that represents entrepreneurship and the desire to do something great, is within us all. 

Click here to buy the “I Am An Entrepreneur” poster. 

I Am An Entrepreneur

Interested in winning a free one? I’ll be giving away THREE (3) free posters this Friday, June 1st. Here are three ways you can enter:

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  1. For a guy who hates manifestos, you sure wrote a great one :)

    I guess you needed to have that feeling in order to produce one you loved, right? Though, why do you hate them?

    • Haha. Thanks, Laura. I don’t actually hate manifestos, but the word “manifesto”, for whatever reason, irks me like none other. Of course, then I go and write my own. Brilliant!

  2. Why yes, I will totally try to win the manifesto before I buy it. Because, you know, struggling entrepreneur and all ;)

    You know how I feel about this manifesto. It’s awesomesauce. 

  3. Fantastic Manifesto! The inspiration you got reminds me a bit of the movie Jerry Maguire and his “mission statement.”  The poster idea is amazing too! I am gonna need to pick one of those up.


  4. Excellent manifesto Matt.
    Perhaps i can suggest an addition.
    As an entrepreneur myself, i believe people give up on their startup businesses too soon.
    The fear of failure is a reality of an entrepreneur’s life. Its the ability to bounce back from failure that sets apart an entrepreneur from the others.
    Perhaps another line could be added along the lines of “i fall down, but i get up again. And again. and again.”