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The Hustle

My day to day involves working often with start-ups and entrepreneurs. Individuals with big ideas and big plans.

It’s my job to take those ideas, those dreams, those plans and provide support, guidance, strategy, and the tools they’ll need to take their their brands from here to anywhere.

But for every website we develop, every logo and brochure designed, every press release sent, marketing strategy prepared, or video produced, there’s one thing every client must bring to the table: Hustle.

They must be, and we must be willing to do the work. To put in the time that will turn an idea, a passion, into something that matters, and, in most cases, something that puts food on the table. Without the effort, there is no result.

Write. Read. Promote. Network. Build. Try. Communicate. Challenge. Share. Wonder. Strategize. Plan. Distill. Articulate. Celebrate. Market. Develop.

The key to success is simple: Do the work. Be better. Be the best. Hustle.

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  1. Nailed it. Well put, sir. Without the hustle, your website, logo, connections, and “big idea” are all for naught.

    • It’s amazing how many people underestimate the power of hard work. There is no “secret formula” to success. At the end of the day, hustle goes a long, long way. Thanks for coming by, Laurie. I hope all is well with you!

  2. My personal story with hard work started when I figured out that nothing is difficult in life, one just has to pay the price, the price is in effort.

    Success is for enduring hearts.

    Thanks Matt

  3. Great article Matt.

    It’s a shame ideas die quick deaths when they could become awesome realities. Sometimes fear stands in the way, even when people are prepared to work hard. Sometimes it doesn’t occur to a person that they can bring their ideas to life, that their ideas are worth taking a risk on and they don’t have to wait for someone to give them encouragement. We’re all so afraid of failing, of going bankrupt, of embarrassment or humiliation if our ideas don’t take off. We care too much about what others think.

    Why? Will they pay our bills? Look after us in retirement? Care what happens to us? Mostly not.

    Good on you for reminding people to get out there and have a go, believe in themselves and bring people into their lives that can help them realise their dreams.