How Transparent Are You? (Online)

How transparent are you online? Are you open and honest, putting everything out there for better or worse? Or do you have your guard up? Do you refrain from sharing too much about who you are and what you’re all about? The web and social media gives the outside world a birds eye view into your daily life, which can be both a good and bad thing. We preach the value of transparency in establishing one’s personal brand, but should we be worried about the negative implications of sharing ‘too much information’?

Take five minutes and give the following ‘mini-podcast’ a listen and share your thoughts in the comments below.


Questions to think about:

  • How transparent are you online?
  • What are the pitfalls of sharing ‘too much information’?
  • Should businesses focus on clear transparency for their online brands?
  • Is Penelope Trunk brave or crazy for sharing very personal details of her life?

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