Never too Old: How to Live Like a Kid Again

You're Never too Old

Three months ago I left life as I knew it, took a huge risk, quit my job, packed my bags, moved 500 miles away and ended chapter one to start writing chapter two. I’m in a new city with my fiance, at a brand new job, living in a brand new condo, with nothing but infinite opportunities in front of me. I’ve learned more about myself in the past six months than the past six years, and amidst all of the stress and anxiety, challenges and obstacles, I’ve been able to step back and take that all-important deep breath.

You’re never too old

Remember when you were a kid how easy it was to just let things go – to live without worry – when the biggest concern was who got to play the dad and who was stuck as the dog playing “House” during recess? Somewhere along the way we lost that innocence – we became assholes, snobs, know-it-alls, experts, cheaters, and liars.

But somewhere, deep down within even the biggest of jerks out there – there is that childhood innocence – the grown man who sings Lady Gaga out loud driving home from work (guilty) or the woman who still has sleepovers with her girlfriends (no boys allowed).

It falls away from us so easily – but today I challenge all of you to bring a little of that magic back. Take five minutes and let yourself go – find your inner ‘wild thing’ – do something totally spontenous, either alone or with a friend. Unplug and unwind. Think back to a time before you cared about your personal brand, before you were worried about finding a job and advancing your career – when all we did was explore, love, and LIVE – in the most pure definition of the world. A time when your imagination was free to run wild and you weren’t inhibited by ‘reality’.

Why? Because life is too damn short not to enjoy. Whether we realize it or not, each of us is able to create a ‘place’ where only the things you want to happen will happen. A place without rules and limitations. Where the wild things are is inside of you and me – it’s the childhood blue-mat, milk and cookies, story-telling, naptime loving kid inside of you dying to get out! Will you let it?

This post was inspired by the book and upcoming movie ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ – one of my personal favorites. Check out the full trailer below. SO awesome!

(Photo via Diego Cupolo)