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The Friday Response: How to Build a Badass Blog

Every Friday I break down and comment on an article I’ve read recently that inspired me, enlightened me, challenged me, or otherwise made me think. I also share some of my favorite links from the week that was. This is: The Friday Response.

9 Ways You Can Build a Blog That Matters by Benny Hsu on Get Busy Living

Benny recently wrote an article that will without a doubt inspire you to either 1) start blogging or 2) make your blog better. I’ve shared before that I believe starting and maintaining a blog can completely change your life. It will introduce you to people you would’ve never met. It will open the door to business opportunities. It will make you smarter. It will change your perspective. It will open your mind to new ideas. It will give you solace. It will spark conversation. It can inspire change. And overall, it feels damn good to write about something you care about.

Benny hits the nail on the head in a very real and tangible way with these nine tips:

(1) Write epic shit: Without good content, the other 8 steps won’t make a difference. My biggest piece of advice? Don’t worry about narrowing your focus TOO much. Don’t over-think things. Allow yourself to be a bit random, but above all, write with passion. Passion is relatable, interesting, and compelling.

(2) Have a nice blog design: It matters. Trust me. If you pull up a blog that’s still sitting on Blogger, it could have the best writing in the world, but I may never pay attention because I’m automatically de-legitimizing simply based on the look and feel of the site. I know, it’s judgmental, but it’s the way our mind works. It doesn’t have to involve a huge investment, but it’s very much important to have a nice place to house your great writing. (Also, I can help with that)

(3) Leave comments: Leaving comments not only allows you to build conversation with other bloggers, colleagues, and peers, it’s excellent for building links back to your site, which is huge for SEO.

(4) Reply to comments: Want to spark and build conversation on your site? Make time to reply to those who have made time for you. Plain and simple.

(5) Make it easy to share posts: Self explanatory. If I can’t share your post with the world, at least on Twitter and Facebook, it’s not going to get shared. Even piece of great content needs to be marketed and shared, it’s (very rarely) going to share itself.

(6) Show some of your personal side: One of the most important points Benny makes: Be personal. This is what people want. You’re not going to be the first to write about Apple’s innovative approach, but your unique perspective makes it interesting. Be yourself.

(7) Share other people’s content and expect nothing in return: Part of building recognition for yourself is in being a thought leader and information sharer. It’s not always a “I scratch your back you scratch mine” approach, instead, it’s about being relevant and present in the community you’re focused on.

(8) Build your tribe: Your “tribe” are those who are closest to you – the one’s you can count on to help you promote and share things you need shared. The one’s who are always there for feedback and creative brainstorming. Above all, they’re your friends. The blogging game is filled with ups and downs, mostly fueled by self-doubt and second-guessing – build a tribe that will be there when you need the nudge to keep going.

(9) Always keep learning and improving: In other words, don’t get too comfortable. Keep learning. Keep trying new things. Expand your niche. Don’t worry about writing about something that is out of the realm of what people expect. The beauty of blogging is it’s value in self-discovery and finding out things about yourself you never knew existed. Discovering new passions, and sharing them with the world.

I highly encourage you to check out Benny’s full article, and his site, Get Buy Living. Great stuff.

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  1. Thanks so much Matt! You add really great points. I just hope those who new to blogging know how much good can come out of it, if they put in the work and do all the things listed and more. 

    • Thanks for providing the inspiration, Benny. Blogging is a commitment, but when taken seriously, the dividends, on both a personal and a professional level, can be huge. I agree with everything you said and think it’s a MUST READ for anyone who’s looking to get focused and deliberate in their blogging. Cheers!

  2. #8 was the idea in the back of my head when I posted by $3k challenge two weeks ago. For me to make three grand is going to require a lot more of a community than I have, so I decided to challenge others to earn that much so we can inspire and promote each other.

  3. I think the going niche aspect is really important. Like you say Matt you can change it up and talk about different things but pick your focus and commit yourself to leading in that field with epic content and your own unique perspective (with a touch of vulnerability too)

    • A niche is super important, yes, especially depending on what your goals are, but I think that focusing too heavily toward one specific niche ends up doing more harm than good – you end up pigeon-holing yourself into a niche that maybe you don’t want to be in, or maybe you don’t want to always associate yourself with. That’s why I think keeping things dynamic, even a little random, can and does work. Cheers!

  4. I have this passion that I NEED to share with people. I already share it in my everyday life with friends, family and patients but I’ve been feeling this nudge to create a blog for the past 9 months or so. It’s become so intense that I could burst but I hesitate to start out of fear of creating an unattractive, uninteresting and “fail” blog. Today I decided to Google how to build a blog. Not just any blog, but a BADASS blog. Yes, I Googled “How to create a badass blog” and it led me here. After reading these tips I am very encouraged and even more excited about sharing my passion. Thank you and I hope that one day you’ll come across my blog and be blown away.