I cannot believe it’s already Friday again. Crazy…crazy…crazy. It’s been one of those weeks, in a good way. I hope every one of you had a good one as well. Of course, and as always, the bloggers from around the web did not disappoint…Enjoy!

Why You Should Always Write Your Headline Last | Copyblogger

Good stuff from Copyblogger (as per usual). And so I ask, do you write YOUR blog titles & headlines first or last? Me – I almost ALWAYS add the title in as a last step – once you have your content written, you have a better idea of how to define it with a headline (which, in case you didn’t know, is super important for grabbing the attention of your readers). Blogging 101 people.

There’s More to Your Career Than Passion | Corn on the Job

Rich and I have had a couple great conversations (that somehow led to the mention of the one and only Val Venis…yeah, don’t ask). In short – passion is great and all – and it can get you far. But you need a lot more than passion to get where you want to be. You need experience, you need skills – so that not only are you WANTING to do something, but, you know, you’re actually good at doing it. A great post that puts a realistic perspective into this whole “passion” idea.

Why Unreasonable, Unrealistic People Win Big | Escaping the 9 to 5

So right after I use the word realistic I’ll mention this post from Maren over at Escaping the 9 to 5. I like this one – a lot – and while I think it’s always important to be smart, to plan and know what you’re getting yourself into – you have to dream big folks. Shoot for the stars and plan small steps that will lead you there – you don’t have to take it on all at once, but you also don’t need to be selling yourself short. The “unrealistic” can seem a lot more “realistic” when you take things one step at a time and set benchmarks for your success.

A Modern Day Parable | Sam Davidson

OK, so technically this post was last week. Sue me…Go read this – then read it again. Take it to heart, then share some of your thoughts there or back here. Sam aptly puts, “There are lots of things we want, and we often spend time learning how to search, and very little time actually searching. Maybe it’s time we change that.” – Something to think about, wise words from a very good friend of mine.

A Few Other Notes:

  • Nicole Crimaldi (aka Ms. Career Girl) and I are hosting a (FREE) Social Media Workshop targeted toward small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. If you’re in the Chicagoland area – come join us on April 10th: MORE INFO HERE.
  • Corbett Barr launched his new blog, Think Traffic – and the content is already rock solid. Corbett is a brilliant dude and it’s well worth your time to check out what he has going on with his new endeavor.
  • Last but not least, my good friend Catherine launched her (very first and long overdue) blog, “Just Catherine” – with a little help on the design front from yours truly. Go check it out, say hello, and subscribe. Promise you wont regret it.

What were some of the highlights from YOUR week?

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