Happy Friday everyone! We’ve arrived at the home-stretch. Very busy week for yours truly (and from talking to  many of you – you were in the same boat). In the midst of it all, you guys did not disappoint in working up some outstanding reading material. And with that, deep breath…here we go!

Why Do We Have to Hide Faith?

I feel like every week I’m including a post by Emily Jasper – she is really on a roll with saying the things that need to be said (and that others aren’t saying). In this post she talks about faith, something rarely discussed in the blogosphere – hiding it and being proud of it. To be honest, I’ve had a very personal post on religion in my que of drafts for almost six months now – I think it’s time to finally let that one go public. Everyone doesn’t have to “agree” but when it comes to faith, there is no right or wrong and we should ALL appreciate and respect each other’s beliefs. There are many, many ways to walk down the path of enlightenment.

The Paradox of Building Stronger Online Relationships

Building relationships is something I talk about a lot here – and Jackie Adkins hits on (probably) the most important part of the relationship-building process. The “real” tangible face to face interaction with other human beings. I’ve seen a lot of negativity around the web lately, a lot of criticism and attacks – most of which is fueled by the medium. We can hide behind our computer screens and be much more bold because we’re not held as accountable. This only further proves Jackie’s point – that the online medium is a tool, ONE tool – a method of communication and interaction, a way for businesses to directly communicate with consumers and for us to chat with one another. But, there is much that can be misconstrued, and there will always be barriers when communicating online. In summation, and as Jackie so aptly puts, we all need to get offline more often, start getting real, and stop putting Social Media on this almighty pedestal.

Justin Timberlake and the Art of Presenting Well

I love this post – seriously – it is an extremely well thought out breakdown on the lyrics of JT’s “FutureSex/LoveSound and how it applies to presenting well. From defining the needs, clearly articulating the primary obstacles, and providing tangible solutions – It’s hilarious and brilliant and well worth your time to stop by and check out.

Quick(er) Hits (Crowd-sourced favorites from the community)

What were some of your favorite posts from this week?

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