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Green Week: Take the Challenge, Get Involved, Win Free Stuff!


Spring has arrived! You can save the world between March 28th and Aprill 22nd. Are you up for the challenge? Cool People Care is sponsoring the EH2ED (Earth Hour to Earth Day) Challenge. From Earth Hour (celebrated around the world on March 28th at 8:30 PM) to Earth Day (internationally recognized on April 22nd) CPC will be sending out special edition emails, highlighting organizations, programs, initiatives, and resources that can help each of us to develop eco-friendly habits and behaviors that hopefully will translate into life-long commitments. In 3 and a half weeks [26 days, 624 hours, 37,440 minutes, 2,446,400 seconds] - YOU can make a huge difference.

Naturally, I wanted Life Without Pants to be a part of the challenge – so I am in turn challenging all of you to get involved and make some changes in your own life, because ‘going green’ is more than an idea, it’s a personal commitment to change, and it takes a spark to start a fire.

Starting today, and until Earth Hour (8:30 PM on March 28th) we’ll be celebrating ‘Green Week’ here at Life Without Pants. For the next 8 days we’ll get ‘down to earth’ and focus on all things good for the environment with a new (eco-informative) post EVERY DAY. Hopefully, by the time Earth Hour rolls around next weekend, you’ll be fully armed with an arsenal of awesome environment-saving tricks up your sleeve.

So now that I’ve built some suspense, what about the promised ‘Free Stuff’? As many of you know, in the relatively short existence of Life Without Pants, we have established a great community and have had many a-good discussion. I only want the community to continue in it’s growth and development to a point where you folks are just as involved as I am. In conjunction with Cool People Care’s EH2ED campaign, I’ve got a few sweet giveaways to reward you for going green, sharing the sustainable love, and getting yourself and others involved in the Life Without Pants community.

How to Enter (Get Involved)

  1. Leave a comment in THIS thread sharing one green idea/website/organization that we should all be aware of. Share an eco-friendly business to follow on Twitter, give one (or many) tips on going green ourselves, or just share your story on what commitment your making to save our planet. Only one  comment per day in this thread will be counted for entry – but feel free to post as often as you want! (8 entries possible). I’ll be compiling the list of responses for a new ‘Green’ page to be added as a permanent resource here at LWP. Secure your place in LWP history and get involved!
  2. Subscribe to the ‘LWP Post’ (Life Without Pants email list). For those of you who’ve already done this, you’re one step ahead of the game!
  3. Referr other people to sign up for the ‘LWP Post’ – each referral is worth one entry – no limit here, 100 referrals = 100 entries, 1,000 = 1,000. You get the idea. (THE best way to pile up entries for a prize!). Please, no fake emails. We’ll use the honor system here.
  4. Comment on ANY ‘Green Week’ post. One comment will be counted per post per day, but don’t let that limit you’re involvement. The more the merrier! This is simply to limit those folks who might take advantage and comment over and over to rack up entries. Play nice people!

Prizes Up for Grabs

(1) ‘Da Grand Prize: Cool People Care ‘Recycle’ t-shirt + New Day Poster Combo (Set of 3 Posters) + Today is a New Day’ book – Awarded to the person who is the MOST ACTIVE overall (combines comments and referrals) during ‘Green Week’. To win this sweet prize pack courtesy of Cool People Care, get involved in discussions and tell your friends, family, and coworkers to sign up for the LWP post (make sure they include you as the reference). The person with the most activitey over the next week will win this killer CPC tri-fecta!


(2) ‘Second Best is still Pretty Great’ Prize: WE ADD UP t-shirt of your choice ($20 value). Winner to be chosen during random drawing. Trust me, you want this shirt. You’ll raise awareness and look cool doing it. Each t-shirt is individually numbered so no two tee’s will ever be the same! To learn more about becoming an affiliate of WE ADD UP, head over here.


(3) Third ‘Last but certinley not least’ Prize: Cool People Care ‘Peace’ t-shirt + Set of 25 Recycled Greeting Cards. Break out this t-shirt just in time for spring, and send a greeting card to a loved one for Easter, a birthday, or maybe just because. Winner to be chosen during random drawing.


The Mighty (Not-So) Fine Print

That’s three (3) chances to win some pretty sweet (and eco-friendly) swag! Remember, the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning! Get involved, help our community grow, encourage participation, inspire others to make changes in their daily routine – and we’ll reward you for it. Simple as that. Winners will be announced for each prize on MONDAY, MARCH 30, right here at Life Without Pants.

Note: To keep things spicy, there may be a few ‘bonus prize’ opportunities – These opportunities will be announced randomly so keep checking back throughout the week for your chance to win a little something extra.  Just for being here and being you! (All prizes are organic and eco-friendly).

For more information on Cool People Care’s EH2ED campaign (and how you can score a free copy of Sam Davidson’s book, New Day Revolution) head over to their website and sign up to take part in the challenge TODAY! Special thanks to Cool People Care for partnering with Life Without Pants. You guys rock!


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  1. Matt,
    I'm ashamed to say that “save the planet or recycle” has never been in my vocabulary. However, over the last few months I've been reading more and more articles and watching more and more news reports and specials on this topic. So, I had to start somewhere. I began taking my own canvas bags into the grocery store. I've been amazed at how great that makes me feel, knowing I'm at least contributing in some way to keeping those plastic bags out of the landfills. My next project…recycling soda cans. I've resisted, but now that I've taken that first step, I want to do more.

    Thanks for spotlighting this on your blog. It makes me want to search the net for those organizations and read more about it!

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for raising awareness about this important issue.

    For my first post I'll refer my company, – EQmentor is a personal and professional development service that seeks to enhance the emotional intelligence (EQ) of working professionals through an online mentoring process.

    When a professional goes to a three-day workshop offsite, the financial costs to the company are significant and the environmental impact can be tremendous. Consider that a typical two-hour round-trip flight, two nights in a hotel, cab rides to and from the airport, as well as printed workshop materials can amount to over 2700 lbs of unnecessary carbon dioxide (CO2) expended.

    In contrast, the environmental impact of EQmentor’s online learning solution is no more than an ordinary day. Over three days, a mentee utilizing EQmentor’s learning model will not put any extra strain on the Earth’s resources. It is estimated that the average carbon footprint of an individual during an ordinary day is just 122 lbs.. Over three days this amounts to 366 lbs., which is 7x less than the 2700 lbs. of CO2 that would have been expended during a workshop. Thus, we are proud to claim that EQmentor is 7 times greener than a typical workshop!

    EQmentor is changing the lives of working professionals and supporting our environment – one day at a time!

  3. Ah, I love Cool People Care!

    Here are my ideas/tips:

    Until January, I didn't have a car and used in my city if I needed a car for some reason, but otherwise I walked. It was great because I live downtown and am close to all the amenities and entertainment. I also worked downtown at the time. I definitely recommend other cities implement similar businesses and individuals implement similar behavior!

    In January, I started a new job that was twelve miles from where I live and since we don't have light rail (yet!) in Madison, I bought a car. It was my first car and it had to be a hybrid. I LOVE my hybrid. It gets the best gas mileage and runs great. I highly recommend it.

  4. An overall THANK YOU to those of you who have gotten involved so far. Reminder, if you haven't already, sign up for the LWP Post (follow the subscribe link @ the top of the page) – and get other people to sign up to increase your chances of winning. Keep posting your green tips in THIS thread, and keep checking back each day for a new 'GREEN WEEK' post!

  5. Park – this is a GREAT resource of water-saving tips and information. I plan on featuring WUIW on a Green-Twitter-Awareness blog next week. A lot of awesome (and simple) things we can all do to change a few of our everyday habits! Thanks for sharing.

  6. @Heather – awesome links! The website is great – and for those folks who aren't already following enviroknow on Twitter – you should be. One of the best tweet aggregation services for green news and information around the web.

    Keep coming back all week to share more 'eco-friendly' links, tips, or personal stories. What advice would you give those folks who (still) aren't on the recycling bandwagon?

  7. Suzanne – that's the overall idea I am trying to inspire during this 'Green Week' series. I am by no means an environmentalist, and I'm sorry to say but I'm not even THAT 'green' – so I am inspiring myself to make small changes and hopefully getting a few of you to come along with me.

    Canvas bags at the grocery store are a great start – keep it up. Convert an old box to a recycle bin and start taking things to a local recycling center once a week. I challenge you to make a couple changes this week and during the EH2ED campaign. Head over to and sign up for the challenge. You'll guarantee yourself a free copy of 'New Day Revolution' which has a ton of awesome and easy-to-do suggestions.

    Keep us up to date on your progress!

  8. I hear Madison is a great city – I haven't made it through there yet. is an amazing concept that could really take off across the country. I see it spreading like wildfire in the coming years – being better for the environment and providing a convenience service to folks living in high-traffic metropolitan areas. Great advice on eco-friendly commuting!

  9. Doing good business and saving the planet at the same time! It doesn't get much better than that. I travel a lot with my work and I've honestly never thought about the environmental impact that could be avoided through online networking, training, etc. It's things like this that businesses should be recognizing as we move into the future. It might take an 'eco-consultant' coming in and doing an overall assessment – sort of like a 'corporate eco-footprint' – but I think it's critical for businesses to look inwards and think about ways they can reduce their impact.

  10. I love Cool People Care – and We Add Up!

    My green thing for the moment has been to start up a local community market. Trying to encourage people in my small town to support each other – and the local economy. Its taken a bit of convincing, but people are starting to really get behind it now and its become a bit of a community meeting place.