Going on Hiatus (for a Pretty Good Reason)

So here I am, it’s Sunday evening – May 2nd. I just got back from my second and final wedding shower – the fiance is unpacking a  food processor and I’m sitting on the couch, thinking about how much my life has changed over the past 12 months – thinking about how incredibly blessed I am to have so many amazing friends – a loving and supportive family, and an amazing woman I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with. A lot of thinking and preparation for what surely will be the most amazing (and insane) week of my life.

My life, in short, has been absolutely non-stop since this time last year. May 2nd, 2009 looked night-and-day different than what my life is today, and I would have never in a million years have expected to be where I am right now, getting married, running my own business, living a passionate and fulfilling life every single day.

I don’t have a whole lot to say today – my mind is wandering as I set out to embark on this next amazing step in my life’s journey. But from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every single one of you who has supported me, challenged me to be at my best, and accepted me when I might fall short every now and then. This spans an audience of great “online” friends I’ve made over the past 12 months, those of you who are out there reading but may have never said a word in the comments or to me personally, all the way down to my Mom, who reads my blog religiously (and passed out Life Without Pants t-shirts at my wedding shower).

All of you, every single one, have made this such an incredible experience for me. You’ve helped me discover my passion for writing, you’ve given me the (both direct and indirect) push I’ve needed to make life-changing and at times, terrifying decisions. You guys have done more for me than I could possibly put into words.

Also I want to let you all know that this post is my last for a bit - I’m unplugging from the blogging world to enjoy this joyous time in my life, do a little (lot) of writing for an upcoming book, spend time with the people I love, get myself married, have an incredible honeymoon, and take a much needed break from the web.

In the foreseeable future (around here) I’ve got some amazing people who will be filling my shoes and taking the reigns of Life Without Pants with some AWESOME guest posts – you will not be disappointed.

Again, thank you guys so much – you’re the best…but you already knew that. Until later, my friends…

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  • nick verlaney Reply

    I wish you nothing but the best in marriage, Matt.

    I love the blog, and I have used that to start my own (showntheredcard.com). I hope to be where you are at someday.


  • Sean Reply

    Not gonna lie Matt, reading this post made me genuinely happy. To see someone who I know has worked their ass off to build a business, a successful site, and it appears a very successful relationship, get to sit back (ok maybe sit back is the wrong word) and actually enjoy the benefit of all the hard work is awesome.

    I hope you have a fantastic wedding and we will all look forward to seeing you upon your return!

  • bcromlish Reply

    Congratulations – Enjoy the time away man. Chat when you are back.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you for the well wishes Nick and for what it's worth I'm glad that I helped provide a bit of inspiration for you to get your own blog off the ground. Following you on Twitter now and looking forward to keeping in touch in the future. Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    No, sit back is a good word my friend…I'm doing just that, finally, for the first time in a long, long time. I'm looking forward to stepping away and enjoying these things that matter most in life, and when I 'return' I'm excited about finally developing a 'rhythm' to the madness – I'm realizing now more than ever that if you work TOO hard, you might miss the most important part of life…you know, the “living”.

    You are an inspiration for me Sean – I know people throw the word 'inspiration' around lightly but I sincerely mean that. What you've been able to do for yourself is amazing and your passion for life is contagious. Once I'm back from the R&R, we'll finally get together to chat like we've been meaning to for the past few months.

    Cheers buddy!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you buddy – I really do want to catch up – see how things are going with the JOB – with the project we talked about a while back (which I really do think is an awesome idea). Let's make it happen when I get back. Have a great week buddy!

  • BrianneVillano Reply

    The way you embrace life is an inspiration in itself. We'll be here when you get back. Congratulations and have a blast!

  • Mars Dorian Reply

    Hey Matt, have a sweeeeeet honey moon, and go wild.
    Life's too short for anything else. Taking a break can be marvelous – it can help you put your true
    priorities back in order, and it gives you a clear overview of your current life.
    Enjoy it as much as you can – and return with a passionate blast !

  • Tom O'Keefe Reply

    Congrats, Matt. Enjoy everything!

  • jennsutherland Reply

    Congratulations on the impending wedding, and Bravo for really unplugging to really enjoy the whole experience! Still makes me so happy to think back on my own wedding 8 years ago. Walking down that aisle and seeing all the people you love there to support and celebrate YOU and your WIFE is an awesome thing indeed…I think that was the most magical moment of the whole experience…knowing that I had an entire community there to bless our life together. Enjoy the ride, and we'll catch you when you get back!!

  • Melissa Gorzelanczyk Reply

    Enjoy every minute …

  • Lauren Sandelin Reply

    Couldn't be happier for you, Matt – congrats! Enjoy every last bit of it and take your time coming back – we'll be here, no worries. :)

  • bcromlish Reply

    For sure man, don't rush back or anything! Enjoy the time away. It feels weird at first but a break from being constantly connected is great. We'll chat soon

  • Crysta Anderson Reply

    That's the very best reason to take a well-deserved break. Take the time away, and don't even think about the online world. Enjoy, congrats, and good luck!

  • sameve Reply

    It's SO amazing how much things have changed in a year! Congratulations on everything! Enjoy every minute of the next couple of weeks, the Internet will wait, and the people who care will be here when you get back :)

  • kathyjerzak Reply


  • Akash Sharma Reply

    Hi Matt, you deserve a break, thanks for sharing all the valuable posts with us.Best wishes for the married life.

  • Theresa Moretti Reply

    I'm so happy for you, Matt! I got kinda misty when I read this. I wish you the best in your new life. Enjoy the break and we'll see you when you get back. :)

  • Rebecca Reply

    Your soon-to-be wife is so cute. Good idea to clock in some time with her :) Congratulations and I'll look forward to what I”m sure will be your grand return!

  • srinirao Reply

    Congrats Matt on everything. I can honestly say I've learned alot from you and I've modeled a good amount of what I do based on things I've learned from you. Have a great break.

  • niferann Reply

    Aw, Matt, you and the fiance look so cute and happy together! I wish you all the best, and many congratulations! Enjoy your “unplugged” time, relish every single moment. You have come so far, and you should be so proud. Take your break and stay in the present.

  • camorose Reply

    A great reason, and very well-deserved. Enjoy taking some time off, and congratulations on the wedding!

  • Nick Verlaney Reply

    Cheers to you sir. Id love to touch base about blog stuff when you are all refreshed! Sound like a plan?


  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Sounds good buddy – happy to chat once I return to the 'real world'. Talk soon!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you Brianne – that means a lot. I'll be back in this neck of the woods before you know it!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Will do Mars. Looking forward to breaking away and coming back with a vengeance (or something like that) over the summer! Thanks for the support buddy!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Tom. I'll do my best to relax and take it all in. Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    I got an email this morning from a reader and she really drove this point home – that there is a great group of people who are there to support and love both of us (and maybe enjoy the free food and drink). Haha, we are going to have a blast and relish in every single moment. Thank you for the kind words Jenn.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    We will Melissa, promise. Thank you for your support and friendship!

  • Tracy Reply

    Thank you for such a great post. I was just thinking the same thoughts: a year ago today I had no idea what life would be like today (my life has flipped itself over again and again!). Will be sending good weather thoughts to you this weekend!


    - Tracy
    (periodic blog reader & huge fan)

  • jenniewhite Reply

    So happy for you Matt! Have an amazing time unplugging and enjoying the things that matter most in life. You're an inspiration to the rest of us. Congratulations and talk to you soon!

  • Laurie Steiner Reply

    Congratulations Matt. This is going to be such a wonderful moment in your life–have the absolute BEST time. Cheers!

  • Alex Reply

    Congrats! :) Have a great time.

  • Kaveh Daeezadeh Reply

    How nice! What a surprise!
    Congratulations Matt, I wish you joy, I wish you all the pleasures…

  • Nick Verlaney Reply

    Ok sir, have a blast in the next few weeks!

  • Grace Boyle Reply

    Congratulations and enjoy this time away :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you Lauren – I really (really) appreciate your support – we'll have to catch up when I get back RE: everything that's going on in your neck of the woods. Not to mention I'll be able to show off my bling ;)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    I agree – I don't think I can come up with a much better excuse :) Thank you for the kind words!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Agreed – oh what a difference a year can make, huh? Thank you for your sincere friendship over the past year – you've been there through the ups and downs and I'll never forget it.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Theresa! When I get back you better have launched your blog! LOL kidding, kidding, the grand launch will happen when the time is right. I just know you have a lot to say and I can't wait to read it. Be in touch soon!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Rebecca – this was the first photo we took with each other…almost 5 years ago. Seems like yesterday. Thank you for the congrats – I'm really glad you and I are on good terms and I'm looking forward to making my way up to Madison (hopefully in the next couple months). Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    That feeling is mutual Srini – we've both come a long way in the past year and it's exciting to see where we and a lot of folks are headed next. I'm looking forward to what hopefully will be some great collaborations between you and I in the future!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    I'm going to relish in it and take a long DEEP breathe over the next few weeks and enjoy every moment. Thank you for your support! I'll be back before you know it :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    I hope things are going great with you. I don't say it enough but you have time and time again indirectly pushed me to challenge myself and do things with my life I never thought I'd be able to do. That gratitude above is very very much directed toward people like you who have made my life better over the past year…So thank you for that Grace, it means a lot.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you Laurie! And when I get back – you are one of the first people I am going to get in touch with – that talk we've been meaning to have for…a while now is going to be a reality. Thanks so much for the support – can't wait to catch up soon!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    You guys are an inspiration to me. Most of the 'ammo' in my writing comes from interacting and getting to know awesome people such as yourself. I hope you've been doing well and THANK YOU!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    It's insane how much life has flipped and reversed itself (thanks Missy Elliot) over the past year – it's been trying, challenging, and extremely rewarding – but I'm hoping that the next 12 will be much less “transitional” and much more relaxed…cross your fingers :)

    Periodic reading is welcomed and encouraged – thank you for speaking up and for your support Tracy :)

  • Jared Reply

    Congrats man. How excited are you?

  • Lauren Sandelin Reply

    Absolutely! If nothing else, I can't wait to see the bling-bling.

    …now go have a FANTASTIC time!

  • Andrew Weaver Reply

    You deserve the break, man. Have fun and I look forward to your return. Congrats on getting married too, man!

  • macbyrd Reply

    Congratulations again, Matt.
    I look forward to speaking with you again after your joyous break, occasion, respite and celebration.
    Enjoy yourself and this wonderful time with that pretty woman you are marrying!

  • jonathanhyland Reply

    Congratulations, Matt! All the best to you and your new wife. Enjoy the honeymoon!

  • Maks Reznichenko Reply

    I wish you the best of luck! You've inspired me to create my own blog.


  • Brett Reply


    I just started commenting (long time reader) but your work will be missed, sorely. You're one of the few blogs that I HAVE to check out whenever a new post goes up – regardless of the headline. That's when you know you're making awesome stuff on a consistent basis.

    Congratulations on everything, my friend – the wedding, the success here at LWP, even the book-writing you'll be doing. I can't wait for your return.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks C! Can't wait to get away and enjoy the time off!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks – and seriously thank you with the “How to Destroy Angels” heads up. I can't believe I missed it…and I call myself a fan, lol.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks buddy – one of these days you and I need to sit down and chat…

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    I'll go with…”unbelievably”…I can't wait!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Mac. Look forward to speaking with you later this month. Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Nice! Congrats on getting your own blog off the ground – glad I could provide a bit of inspiration…

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Brett – that means a lot – and I'm glad to have you here as both a reader and commenter. Cheers!

  • Andrew Weaver Reply

    I agree. Not sure when I'll be in Chicago again, but next time I am we should make it a point to do just that. Have fun on your hiatus.

  • Danny Brown Reply

    Here's to you and your lovely lady's immediate and future happiness, fella – you deserve every minute of it, and see you when you get back.

  • Tisha Berg Reply

    Hi there,

    I'm a new subscriber and I really love your blog! I'm glad I came along at just the right time to see your last comment before you embark on what I'm sure will be an amazing journey…I think it's fantastic that you are “unplugging” in order to be fully present for every moment of it. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! :-)

  • Jonny | thelifething.com Reply

    Holy Crap, that is awesome mate. Congratulations and though you will be missed, enjoy you life man.

  • Terry Prince Reply

    Congratulations to you and your finance – enjoy your time outside of the electronic world. Enjoy the scenery and the sense of peace and joy the world naturally brings throughout the day.

  • RowdyKittens Reply

    Congratulations to ya! Enjoy your time away from the computer! :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you, Danny. Take care of the place while I'm way…Be in touch soon!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you, Tisha. Great to have you here and when I get back, I look forward to having some great conversations with you. Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks buddy!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    We will do just that Terry. I can't wait to take in every moment on Saturday. Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you, Tammy…and thank you for holding down the fort here for a bit while I'm away…

  • Akhila Reply

    Good luck with everything Matt, and congrats on your wedding!! Exciting times, no doubt. Unplugging to enjoy these important times in your life is a good idea, and I wish you best of luck in getting refreshed and rejuvenated! Hope to meet you in the Chi before I leave town!!

  • Kim Maglinti Reply

    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! I'm wishing you and your beautiful wife a Blessed day full of love and joy with your dearest family and friends. Enjoy the sights and lots of wine tasting on your honeymoon :) Love and Cheers!

  • JHof Reply

    Incredible, Matt. An inspiring post. Good luck with everything.

  • pizzazzerie Reply

    Proud to know you! :)

  • Ingrid Abboud Reply

    Hey Matt,

    I can't believe I just discovered your awesome blog – only to find out that you're a happy in love, newly wed that's taking a blogging break :)! Well Matt…Congratulations!!! I wish you and your wife the very best that life has to offer. Enjoy your time away and best of luck with everything. By reading some of the comments here, I can see the friends and fans that you've accumulated along the way and to that I say CHEERS! Oh, and you can add a + 1 to that fan list!

    I'll be looking forward to visiting Life Without Pants on a regular basis.

    All the best and hope you have a wonderful honeymoon.

  • Guest Reply

    Congratulations Matt! Love reading your blog and wish you and your new wife a life filled with happiness and fun!!

  • abarcelos Reply

    So happy for you Matt! So many challenges this year for you and you've conquered them all. Enjoy your wedding and new life with your wife. Have fun!

  • Marian Schembari Reply

    Wooo hooo! Congrats Matt!

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