Entrepreneurship: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

One of the most consistently poignant writers I know, Rebecca Thorman, had this to say last week in her article, “How to choose between money and meaning”:

“Making money is fantastic. People that tell you otherwise, I don’t get them. Money feels good, and earning money feels real good. There’s something particularly great when you earn it directly, without a middleman, something about proving your worth.”

This was incredibly refreshing to read (and honest). The post goes on to define the importance of meaning – of creating opportunity – of experience and moments and stories to tell.

As someone who has personally gone through a very similar journey in these first few years of starting, maintaining, and growing a (relatively) successful business – making a lot of money, feeling insanely burnt out/overworked from saying “yes” far too often – learning that money IS still important and necessary to live the life I truly want for myself and my family – and ultimately learning that “meaning” really is at the core of true happiness – I relate very much with Rebecca’s story and perspective.

I’ve learned that part of my meaning – a (big) part of what matters and adds value to the experience and moments I find myself in through the work I do – is, as Rebecca so aptly puts, that feeling of making it – earning it – on my own.

The greatest gift entrepreneurship has given me is freedom. The freedom to, if nothing else, be in control of my own direction and destiny. In control of what I say “yes” to, what I say “no” to, and knowing that if I’m wiling to put in the work, the sky truly is the limit – both in money, and in meaning

And at the end of the day, I think that’s what we all want. The ability to not be held back, at least, not by anyone but ourselves. 

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