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Entrepreneurship: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

One of the most consistently poignant writers I know, Rebecca Thorman, had this to say last week in her article, “How to choose between money and meaning”:

“Making money is fantastic. People that tell you otherwise, I don’t get them. Money feels good, and earning money feels real good. There’s something particularly great when you earn it directly, without a middleman, something about proving your worth.”

This was incredibly refreshing to read (and honest). The post goes on to define the importance of meaning – of creating opportunity – of experience and moments and stories to tell.

As someone who has personally gone through a very similar journey in these first few years of starting, maintaining, and growing a (relatively) successful business – making a lot of money, feeling insanely burnt out/overworked from saying “yes” far too often – learning that money IS still important and necessary to live the life I truly want for myself and my family – and ultimately learning that “meaning” really is at the core of true happiness – I relate very much with Rebecca’s story and perspective.

I’ve learned that part of my meaning – a (big) part of what matters and adds value to the experience and moments I find myself in through the work I do – is, as Rebecca so aptly puts, that feeling of making it – earning it – on my own.

The greatest gift entrepreneurship has given me is freedom. The freedom to, if nothing else, be in control of my own direction and destiny. In control of what I say “yes” to, what I say “no” to, and knowing that if I’m wiling to put in the work, the sky truly is the limit – both in money, and in meaning

And at the end of the day, I think that’s what we all want. The ability to not be held back, at least, not by anyone but ourselves. 

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  1. There’s something to be said about being able to control your own destiny. Being an entrepreneur also challenges you in ways that you would never imagine. Thanks for hammering that home today.


  2. Great article. As an entrepreneur and career changer I can relate. If I have to choose between meaningful work or more money, I chose meaningful work. For me that is a change from a business career where I was a COO to that of being a clinical case manager for a VA homeless program, and a PhD student in Clinical Psychology. Yet, I still keep one of my businesses because I thoroughly enjoy creating and building something that is mine… and the money doesn’t hurt, either.

  3. Money gives us an opportunity to be confident in the following day. I agree that it is a reward for our work. A lot of money is not a limit, but still we should remember that money is not everything we should want from this life. Be yourself, don’t let money change your life priorities.

  4. I am starting to experience the problem of saying yes to often, but how do you convince others to follow your advice and knowing when to say no?

    There is so much to learn and as much as money provides me with the power to support my family that Its hard to not focus so much on the earning and more on the passion of why I started in the first place.

    Thanks for this post