Getting Fired Was the Best Day of My Life

Ok, maybe not the best day.

My wife would kill me if I put this before my wedding day. But the day I got fired. The day I started down the path of an entrepreneur. The day I finally got the kick in the ass I needed to stop holding myself back, stopped doubting myself, stopped talking myself out of doing what I knew I should be doing – is certainly in the top three.

I’m a quitter. And the world needs more of us. It needs more passionate people who aren’t afraid to take a chance. Who, when faced with an obstacle, see opportunity. Who take action, challenge themselves to be better, and never stop hustling.

Today I’m excited and honored to announce a partnership with Jon Acuff. A man who’s story is very similar to my own (though he’s got a few years on me). His book, Quitter, inspires folks to discover the work they love.

Whether it be working from the beaches of Thailand or within the confines of a cubicle – passionate, meaningful work is what we all want – it’s what we crave, but often struggle to find.

Like Jon, I’m passionate about helping folks discover the work they want to do in order to live the life they’re meant to live. Specifically, I’m most excited about helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their ideas into the stratosphere. To turn their dreams into reality. To distill down the best version of themselves, and their brand, so it can be most successful.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Jon and the Quitter community, specifically our “Launch” package, which provides all of the branding resources a new business needs to get started. And I couldn’t be more excited to share in his platform.

I keep coming back to the question I asked in yesterday’s post:

“What if tomorrow never comes? What if you started hustling, moving, and shaking today as if there was no guarantee of tomorrow? Imagine what you would do. Imagine what you could accomplish.”

Being a quitter isn’t about quitting your job to start a business. It isn’t about finding a new place to work. As Jon puts it: “A Quitter for me is someone who quits average.”

Amen. Put that on a t-shirt. Watch the video below where I share a bit of my own Quitter story. Yes, I am wearing makeup.

Also: Check out the live stream of the Quitter Conference TONIGHT at 7pm EST!