The day I lost my job.

Suit up

Today started like any other day. Woke up, checked my emails, had some coffee and a blueberry scone, took a shower, listened to Lady Gaga and a little Mike & Mike on the ride into work. You know – typical morning routine.

But things can change dramatically in an instant.

I walked into work, had a meeting with my boss, and an hour later, walked out with two weeks severance and a “have a nice life”.

Yes, today, Thursday, January 28th, 2010, Matt Cheuvront has joined the ranks of the unemployed.

First, to get it out of the way, this sucks. Those of you who have been here can relate. While everything happens for a reason, in the moment, right now, today, I’m mostly confused, upset, and angry. But I also feel a sense of calm, relief, and optimism for what may come next.

Fortunately, I have freelance work to fall back on, and I live in the amazing city of Chicago, filled with great people and a world of opportunities. But in the raw moment of mixed emotions, I wanted to share a few thoughts that I hope are helpful for you and that I can hopefully look back on myself and reflect on for years to come.

#1 – You may not know it’s coming: I had no idea this was going to happen – not at all, but I’ve also learned in my short time out in the career world, that you have to be prepared for anything. You have to be prepared to be expendable. As secure as things may seem, they never TRULY are. Things change, priorities shift, and sometimes, you get caught in the crossfire.

#2 – It’s ok to be upset: I’m upset – I’m sitting here, writing this, two hours after being fired. The blogger and writer within said that this is something I needed to write about. To vent, for closure, for support, for some sense of guidance. During times like these, suppressing your emotions isn’t the answer. Get them out. Talk to someone, anyone who will listen. Be ok with being upset.

#3 –You’re going to be ok. Right about now, if you’re facing a similar situation and reading this, the last thing you want to hear is “it’ll all be alright.” It will be. I know I’ll pick myself up from this and end up somewhere better. It sucks to be here right now but when one door closes, another always opens.

Today, I’m upset. I’m going to let myself be upset. Tomorrow, it’s business as usual. Coffee. Blueberry scone. Lady Gaga. Maybe a shorter commute, which I won’t complain about. I won’t miss a beat. If you find yourself in a similar situation yourself someday and it leads you here, reading this, keep moving, keep hustling, and everything will be just fine.