Friday Quick Hits

In an online world where you’re absolutely inundated with content coming from every direction – wouldn’t it be nice to have one place to visit weekly to recap on some of the best, funniest, most interesting, most awesome, and most ridiculous blog posts from around the web? When I say quick, I mean it. I’m disciplining myself to recap some of the highlights from the week and only allowing myself 20 minutes to write these posts. It’ll be great, you’ll love it, enjoy, yadda yadda yadda. Ready, set, go!

Bloggers are not Writers

Rebecca writes an interesting piece which sparked a great discussion and debate. The question: Are bloggers writers? Well, it depends how you define writers. The long and short of it, yes – I think we – as bloggers – are writers, but we may give ourselves a little more credit than is deserved. There is still a difference between writing and WRITING (you know what I mean) – but that’s not to say there isn’t plenty of room for both.

Writing is a Way of Thinking

I cannot tell you how much I agree with Andrew on this guest post he wrote for Skool of Life. As writers/bloggers/whatever you want to call yourself – we can get so caught up in the planning, strategy, and editing, that we forget what the writing process is all about. It should be a release, a way to get thoughts down on paper – and like any thought – it doesn’t need to always have a plan – you don’t have to always know where your post is going to end up when you start writing the first line. Just write…and write and write and write – don’t stifle the beauty of the writing process be becoming overly focused on the planning.

Are you Secretly Paralyzed by your Fears?

If you’re wondering where the Maury Povich reference came from – it was a bit of a stretch, but on this Ms. Career Girl post she talks about our fears controlling our actions. She mentions Oprah forcing people to face their fears – I went the slightly more ridiculous route and brought up an episode of Maury in which some lady was disturbingly TERRIFIED of cotton balls. Yeah…The point is, we all have fears, they can (and do) hold us back – but you don’t HAVE to be paralyzed by your fears. Any (yes any) fear you have can be overcome!

How to Consistently Write a Blog Post in 20 Minutes or Less

When I first read this post over at the Skool of Life – I thought Srinivas was absolutely nuts. I’m the kind of guy who writes, then edits, then spends 45 minutes looking for a cool picture, then goes back to editing, rinse and repeat. Sometimes I just stare at a drafted post for an hour, not really doing much of anything with it, until I finally take a deep breath and hit publish. Inefficient as hell, right? I’m going to work on this – and suggest (if for nothing else than to give yourself a new challenge) that you do the same. Set a stopwatch, give yourself a time limit, and when time is up – hit publish. Just do it. It’s a freeing experience…

Lastly – I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Sara Davidson in helping launch her brand new (and very first) blog – Walk Talk Chew Gum. Go check it out and subscribe. Great things to come from her, trust me.

Whew…clocked in at 17 minutes. Need to add some links and get out of here. What are your memorable moments from the week that was?

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