It’s been a while but I am finally (somewhat) caught up from my wedding and honeymoon, and happy to be bringing back ‘Friday Quick Hits’ into the mix. We live in a world in which we’re absolutely inundated with content and it’s damn near impossible to keep up with everything.

So, without further ado, it’s my pleasure to present to you a few of the best articles I read this week (including a ‘standout’ quote from each). If you don’t read anything else, do yourself a favor and go check these out…

The 10 Worst Things About Owning Your Own Business | Moolanomy

“…You will sacrifice your time, energy, money and maybe even your health, all so your concept becomes actuality. Don’t expect a lot of people to thank you for all the extra effort. As explains in 11 Myths of Owning a Business, “entrepreneurs need internal motivation and reassurance because it rarely comes from outside.” One way to know you’re doing a good job? Your revenue increases.”

Why is Generation Y Not on Twitter? | The Fight Against Destructive Spin

“…As a Gen Y’er myself, I have found Twitter useful both personally and professionally, but I’m in the minority. There are two main reasons I believe Gen Y’ers are not using Twitter: 1) They have not yet discovered how to leverage the platform to build their personal brand. 2) They’re not comfortable engaging beyond their existing social network.”

Laugh At Yourself, But Take it Easy | Brass Tack Thinking

“…I’m the last proponent in the world of taking work (or ourselves) too seriously all the time. And I’m way in favor of having a healthy sense of humor, because it’s saved my soul on so many occasions. But there’s definitely a point where I find myself uncomfortable around those that are constantly making themselves the butt of every joke, and I’ve learned my own lessons about tearing myself down. So while humor at our own expense is critical, I think it (like anything else) needs to be practiced in moderation.”

Not Right Now | Danny Brown

“…But look at it another way. When you first started your business, was there a chance things could go wrong? Did it involve a lot of work, and long hours, to make it happen? Were there things you couldn’t control, no matter how much you planned ahead? Of course there were, yet you’re still here.  Because you put the effort in and took the risks. Because you knew that not everything will always goes to plan; you just need to make sure you’re ready with a back-up.”

How to Reduce Your Email Checking to Once a Day | Far Beyond the Stars

“…The funny thing is, when you make people aware of the fact that you only check email once a day, in most cases they’ll understand wholeheartedly. Most people don’t make the decision to define how often they check email, so they end up spending most of their lives checking it.”


What were some of the best things you read and discovered this week? Share your favorites in the comments below. Safe and happy 4th of July weekend to everyone. Take some time to unplug and enjoy the company of family and friends!

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