Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) format of Friday Quick Hits. Each week will feature a (truly epic) video of yours truly and each week I’ll highlight:

1) My favorite post of the week
2) Something random/awesome (I know, vague) for you to check out

This Friday’s Quick Hits:

Random/Awesome Find of the Week: Beastie Boys’ star-studded “Make Some Noise” music video – If you haven’t seen it already, where the heck have you been? Seriously, one of the greatest music videos of all time featuring cameos from, well, everybody. Go check it out and stay-tuned for the upcoming album and full-length mini-movie/music video.

Post of the week: Sarah J Bray’s “How do you know if you’re charging enough/too much”? – An EXCELLENT post that every freelancer, entrepreneur, and business owner should read (and not just because Sarah eloquently incorporates the word “bookoos”). My favorite quote:

Is it ever possible that you’re charging too much? I’m sure it is. You may be charging too much for the level of service you offer. In that case, it’s better for everyone if you raise your level of service rather than lower your prices. If you are ridiculously amazing and make your clients bookoos of money, it’s really, really hard to overprice your work. If you don’t make your clients bookoos of money, THAT’S what you need to be working on.”

Share some of your favorites in the comments below, chat about which Rocky movie was best, and of course, have a GREAT weekend!

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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