A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining anĀ entourageĀ of great people in the pursuit of writing, filming and editing a seven-minute film as part of the 48 Hour Film Festival in Nashville. We were given a genre (Superhero) a name (Paul Duncan) a prop (flowers) and a line (“Tell me how you really feel”) – the rest was up to us.

And so, during what started as just another ordinary weekend ended, magic happened and history was made. The result? Mr. Wonderful.

Watch our film in all it’s glory below. It will without a doubt be the best thing you could do with the next seven minutes of your life.

And keep an eye out for yours truly as The Bug Man, the Mugger, and perhaps most notably, Bar Patron #3 (and yes, that’s Sam Davidson as Mr. Wonderful himself).

For more info about the film and some behind the scenes photos, check out the website: www.mrwonderfulthemovie.com

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  1. If this were a poetry slam, I’d definitely be snapping my fingers right now.nnWell done!u00a0 :-)

  2. I LOVED the ending. Epic.

  3. Arguably the best 7:04mins I’ve spent before 8am in a long time.”Absolutment!”


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