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Friday Quick Hits: Mom and Pop Marketing & Zombies on the Oregon Trail

It’s back! Well, it never really left – but I’ll play the comeback card anyway. Friday Quick Hits has returned and this week I’m talking Mom & Pop Marketing and a redux of my favorite childhood computer game, Oregon Trail (truly, something for everyone). Check out the video above (for the first time shot in the brand new Proof office) and follow the links below…

Best thing I read this week:

Creative Marketing for Mom and Pop Shops: In this article, the concept of David (your local mom and pop) competing against Goliath (the Wal Mart and Best Buy’s of the world) is discussed – offering up some creative case studies and opportunities for the little guy to not only compete, but take down the big wigs of the world with a little marketing savvy and ingenuity. (via Fast Company)

Read the full article…

Coolest thing I found this week:

Oregon Trail Redux: If you’re looking for a way to waste away at least an hour of your day today (and who isn’t on a Friday?) look no further than this post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested version of everyone’s favorite 90s computer icon, Oregon Trail. Epic is an understatement. (via The Men Who Wear Many Hats)

Get started on your trip to Oregon…just watch out for measles, cholera, and of course, zombies…

Find something great this week? Read anything worth sharing? Leave a comment below and share the love – and of course, have a great weekend!

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    • I had Track and Field on Nintendo, and yes, I was amongst the rest of the population who didn’t actually play it like it was supposed to be played (you know, actually RUNNING on the pad) – instead, beating the hell out of mat on my hands and knees.nnAnd so began my life of “always looking for the easy way out”… :)

  1. Oregon trail was hands down the best game of our generation. Even though I don’t think I ever made it to Oregon with more than half of “my party.” I guess I “forded” the river a few too many times. Haha. That’s an awesome find. Thanks for sharing , Matt.