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Friday Quick Hits: Learn Something New Every Day

As I often do around here at Life Without Pants, I’m taking the liberty to somewhat reinvent what Friday Quick Hits is all about . Rather than a simple recap of my favorite posts from around the web, it’s my goal to highlight one awesome, bad-ass, totally rad, tubular (yes, tubular) thing that I’ve found that week. Something that you would be silly not to check out yourself – and something that I’m almost positive you’ll love as much as I did. Without further ado…let the revamped Friday Quick Hits begin…

This Week’s Best of the Best: ‘Learn Something New Every Day

Learn Something Every Day is a self initiated daily project by UK based design studio Young. Young is a studio adept in brand identity development, illustration, print and interactive design.

I initially stumbled across Young and their ‘Learn Something New Every Day’ campaign when searching for an image for a blog post here on LWP and, as I often do, I stumbled across some gems worth bookmarking.

With ‘Learn Something New Everyday’ you’ll do just that…learn something new, be it totally ridiculous (usually the case), hilarious, informative, or a combination of all three, every single day.

For example did you know…

  • North Korea isn’t on Google Maps
  • Chickens can suffer from depression
  • That the Bible didn’t say the forbidden fruit was an apple

Yeah, me neither. Check out Learn Something New Everyday for your daily dose of informational humor. Love what the guys at Young are doing.


And in case you missed it, some great reads from around the web this week:

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  1. Any site that tells me what Donald Duck's middle name is is a great site in my book!

    I'm glad you're still keeping the list of good reads at the bottom. There's a lot of value in passing along useful information and exposing new authors to new readers. In fact, I just discovered two new blogs from your list.

  2. Awesome site! The forbidden fruit was more likely a fig, since it was fig leaves Adam and Eve covered themselves with. I followed your link from Rowdy Kittens.