Well hello everyone, and welcome to another fabulous installment of Friday Quick Hits. How this works is simple: I take 20 minutes out of MY day to share with you some of the highlights from the blogging week that was, you take 2 minutes to read it (and maybe share a couple highlights of your own) and we all come out having learned a thing or two and maybe having a little fun. Without further ado, and since I’ve already wasted a minute with this intro, let’s go!

Up and Coming Bloggers Unite!

Srinivas Rao is rocking a great series over at his blog – each week he sits down for 20-30 minute interview with an “up and coming” blogger – this week he took some time to sit down with the often imitated but never duplicated Doniree – who I shared with you guys as one of my “Top Blogs to Follow in 2010“. Go check out the interview over at The Skool of Life – and stay tuned for an interview coming from yours truly next week!

Introducing a whole new “Mixx”

I had the pleasure of stopping by VentureMixx – the brand spankin’ new site from Tony Ruiz – and doing an interview with him where I talk about how much this blog has done for me over the past year, thoughts on community building, and what the future holds ahead of me. Check out my interview and go ahead and subscribe to VentureMixx, sure to be some amazing stuff ahead for Tony.

Stay classy and stay young

Lauren Novo over at Gen Y PRogress reminds us to “stay young” – which is something I happen to very much agree with. In this day and age of constantly being on the go, working hard, and busting our ass to get ahead, sometimes (often-times) we lose track of ourselves and doing the things we enjoy most. She sums it up by saying, “The way I see it, I have my whole life to be a β€œgrown-up,” but there should always be time for fun as well”. Touche, Lauren…touche.

Grow some balls and leverage Social Media

Samantha Ogborn welcomes in the lovely Nicole Crimaldi (aka Ms. Career Girl) with a guest post titled “How to Use Social Media to Land Your First Job“. In it – she gives some great advice on leveraging your online presence and Social Media to helping you stand out above the rest in this tricky job market. This is something I can attest to having done and continue to do first-hand. Not to mention, hearing “grow some balls” from a female is just plain hilarious. WELL worth your time to check it out.

And that rounds out the highlights of the week…

On a more personal note

As most of you know by now, I lost my “nine to five” job this week. It was tough – it IS tough – but I am so incredibly excited for the opportunities ahead of me. I feel somewhat slighted, but more importantly I feel free to take on anything that comes my way. I cannot begin to thank all of you for ALL of the support both on the blog, Twitter, personal emails, you name it. This is the best damn community of people around, and I am honored to be able to call MANY (many) of you “friends”.

It’s going to be a fun journey ahead – I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the ride with me…

What were some of your highlights from this week?

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