Friday Quick Hits: Empire State of Mind

This week’s installment for Friday Quick Hits includes yours truly fresh back from a vacation in New York City, giving some major props to the Concrete Jungle (that’s me attempting to be cool with the NYC lingo) – and sharing my thoughts on crowd-sourcing your next vacation.

Also, I share an article from this month’s Inc. Magazine about a compost business out of Utah who is KILLING it because they 1) Have a service that truly is a win-win for everyone and 2) Have kept their business model extremely simple – something every business owner can learn from.

Spend 5 minutes with me by watching the video above (SPOILER: Watch all the way to the end) – You’ll be glad you did. And of course, have a great weekend and come back next Friday for another installment that will at least be as good as this one.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

4 Responses
  • Natalie Sisson Reply

    u00a0I’ll be in NYC In June – can’t wait. First time I visited the city (and incidentally the last) I smiled for 10 whole days straight! Great video concept Matt. happy Friday to you.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Yes! We enjoyed every minute of it (even the $9 Bud Light). Happy Friday to you as well!

    • Kola Reply

      yep. power walking down times square can hardly be beat :)

  • Diana Antholis Reply

    Glad you enjoyed your trip! u00a0

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