Friday Quick Hits: The premise is simple, I write it in 20, you read it in 2 – and we all feel smarter and catch up on the week that was around the world of blogging. Here we go…

Content is Not King, Self Promotion Is

It’s about time someone is up front and outspoken about this. I touched on it yesterday as well – Content does not sell itself. If you can give me an example of someone who started from ground zero and never, not once, self promoted themselves in someway, I’d probably say your lying. Lisa Barone over at Outspoken Media has this to say (which I couldn’t agree more with):

Creating good content on the Web is not enough. Maybe it was when there wasn’t as much of it competing, but today there is. What separates the Good Content that IS read from the Good Content that IS NOT is your ability to promote it. I’d go as far as to say that it’s what separates people who are successful from those that are not – their willingness to promote themselves when it is in their best interest to do so.

Good content is “not enough” – that is the key takeaway here. Good content is probably the most important thing over the long run, but knowing how, when, and where to promote it is just as critical. Listening and understand where you’re community is gathering and what they’re talking about – and being able to market your content TO them is how this whole “game” works. NEVER be afraid of that “dirty” idea of self-promotion. If you’re content IS good – you should have no hesitation in singing from the rooftops just how good it is.

Six Key Skills for Success in the Blogosphere

I think there are actually only five year – but Nicole does an awesome job of breaking down some of the core skills required to “survive” as a blogger – Including Knowledge, Love, Dedication, Patience, and Tough skin. My favorite from what she points out is the “tough skin” factor – a lot of us (naturally) are afraid to put ourselves out there too much at the risk of becoming too vulnerable. But it’s important for you realize the transparency and genuine approach is what sells – and that we’re ALL vulnerable, but for the most part, here to help each other learn and support.

The Three Month Mark: Unfiltered

Sydney Owen wrote a great post and follow up to my post yesterday about overcoming your self-doubt and editorial approach when it comes to blogging and instead, focusing on the writing. Sydney sums the idea up beautifully and says:

“…But I think it’s important to go with the flow on blogging. As we evolve as people, we should allow our blogs to evolve with us. Sticking to a niche because that’s where you started and you’re afraid to deviate is robbing yourself and your community of good, passionate, honest writing.”

The point? Write first, think later. Write because you love to write. Write because it makes you feel good, because it’s a therapeutic release, a platform for discussion, a way to meet new people, and a means to learn a LOT about yourself and the world around you. If you happen to sneak a post about your date last night in there – you know what – good for you – it doesn’t have to always make sense to everyone, you don’t have to ALWAYS appease the masses, and you don’t always have to have a set plan.

Just put yourself out there and start doing it. In Sydney and I’s case (and we have very similar stories) our blog’s have been a gateway to a LOT of opportunity because one day, each of us decided that we weren’t going to let our-self hold our-self back.

The only Super Bowl prediction you need to hear

Oh yeah, and Super Bowl prediction, since that’s this weekend (although I almost forgot about it) – Saints in the “upset”, 31-26. Take it to Vegas.

Next week is going to be a great one here at Life Without Pants – couple exciting “announcements”, one year (blog) anniversary celebration, stick around, it’s going to be a “stellar” time.

What were some of your highlights and favorite posts from the week that was?

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