Welcome to another installment of Friday Quick Hits. Each week will feature a (truly epic) video of yours truly and each week I’ll share:

  1. My favorite post of the week
  2. Something random/awesome (I know, vague) for you to check out, share and enjoy

This Friday’s Quick Hits:

Post of the Week: We Can’t Agree to Disagree (Harvard Business Review) – Nilofer Merchant discusses the importance of any brand’s alignment with their customers and clients – and why expectations must align. In short, agreeing to disagree won’t work – and with any businesses, decisions, sometimes tough one’s have to be made and agreed upon to ensure long term growth and success. Merchant summarizes by saying the following:

“In business, disagreement is fine as long as you come to clarity on which path is the one you will travel together. At that point, it becomes an energy drain. Sooner or later, you’ll face one of those In or Out moments, as in: Are you in, or are you out? The object lesson is this: No. We cannot agree to disagree.”

Awesome News of the Week: Sunday is my one year anniversary. One year with the most amazing woman I’ve ever met who somehow continues to put up with yours truly. We’ll be celebrating in New York City and it’s crazy to think that it’s already been a year since we walked down the aisle together. Time sure does fly. I love you, Lierin. Here’s to many many more years ahead of us…

Stumble across something good this week? Share it in the comments below and of course, have a GREAT weekend!

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