Another week in the books and we’re already almost at the halfway point of December. I’m heading back to my second home of Chicago this weekend for the holidays, and am looking forward to eating way too much, visiting family, seeing my Chicagoland friends that I haven’t seen in over a year. Good times. What are your holiday plans? How are you planning to get away and unplug over the next couple weeks?

Each week I recap some of the best things I’ve read/seen/heard from around the web. I also get you up to date on what you may have missed here on the blog. It’s perfect “right-before-the-weekend-already-checked-out-at-work-on-a-Friday-afternoon” reading. Without further ado, here goes nothing.

Best From Around the Web

  • Modern Love – My Husband is Now My Wife – My “read of the week” goes to this true story of a woman and her man-turned-women husband-now-wife. It’s a true story of acceptance, understanding, and above all, love. Do yourself a favor and give it a read.
  • Selling: I Love This – People want to connect with something larger than themselves. In branding, marketing, and selling your business, think not only about the end product, but about the emotion it evokes, story it tells, and experience it provides.
  • Taking some time off – Sometimes a day at the beach is much better for your business than a day at the office. Why stepping away and unplugging can do wonders for your productivity and efficiency.
  • Millennials are Born Entrepreneurs. Wait, Really? – Was my generation born into a life of entrepreneurship, or are we victims of circumstance, the way we were raised, and the current state of our economy? How has our circumstance provided opportunity? Interesting stuff to consider.

Life Without Pants Week in Review

  • “I Don’t Know What I Want to Do” – In the latest installment of Pantsless Wisdom, I talk about the biggest thing that holds us back from doing what we want to, and should be doing. It isn’t money, it isn’t stability, it’s simply not knowing what we want to do. Discovering your passion can and does set you free.
  • Do You, Can You, Should You Love What You Do? – Can you love what you do, even if you don’t like it? Why your work isn’t about the day to day, but rather, about a bigger purpose, a grander mission, a larger goal.

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