Each week I recap some of the best things I’ve read/seen/heard from around the web. I also get you up to date on what you may have missed here on the blog. And, sometimes, if you’re lucky, I share a cool video, an addicting game, or something totally random – you know, the perfect thing for you to pass around the office around two o’ clock, because let’s face it, you’ve already checked out for the day.

Best from around the web

  • Crappy Day? Tell Me About It. – Sam, in response to this post from Peter Shankman, asks the questions, “How much is too much” when it comes to being open and transparent with your emotions, especially the negative ones, online.
  • Lessons Learned from Fitness Bootcamp – Getting active and working out regularly is something I’ve committed to in 2011. It’s paid dividends from an overall healthiness and studliness standpoint, but it’s also taught me a lot about drive, dedication, and focus. Check out this post from Sam Davidson for how his weekly bootcamp has whipped him into mental and physical shape.
  • How to Get a Job with a Small Company – Want to know how to get a job with a small company? Look no further than this great post from Seth Godin. Spot on.
  • How to Speed Up Your Website – I’m a sucker for a good tutorial. This is a good one for anyone looking to improve your website’s load time (which is super-important for SEO).

Life Without Pants Week in Review

  • Twenty-Six: Now What? – An ode to my 26th day of birth and a look toward the year ahead and focusing on the “now”.
  • What Story Are You Telling? – A reflection on the eulogy of Steve Jobs and how it relates to us all (maybe even more than you think).
  • Occupy Opportunity – My take on Occupy Wall Street and why now is a better time than ever to create your own path.
  • The Hustle – The one thing you must bring to the table, every day? Hustle.
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Something completely different

If you haven’t noticed by looking around this site, I’m slightly, okay, very obsessed with Saved by the Bell. Check out this music video for New Romance by Miles Fisher. A very random Saved by the Bell/Final Destination upbeat mashup. (Kudos to Julie for sharing this with me)

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