Friday Quick Hits – 11.18.11

Hello and Happy Friday from someone who can’t believe we’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving! How did that happen? At this time next week, I’ll be taking part in the annual tradition of Black Friday shopping with my cousins. The only other brave souls who would dare attempt to deal with those crazy post-turkey-and-dressing-induced-food-come folk with me at 5am. Who’s with me?

Each week I recap some of the best things I’ve read/seen/heard from around the web. I also get you up to date on what you may have missed here on the blog. It’s perfect “right-before-the-weekend-already-checked-out-at-work-on-a-Friday-afternoon” reading.

Best From Around the Web

Life Without Pants Week in Review

I sent out the latest edition of Pantsless Wisdom this week. If you’re not already signed up to get the newsletter from Life Without Pants, sign up here.

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