For the first time in 2012, TGIF! As a blogger and as someone who reads a lot of blogs, what I love more than anything about the first week of the year is the unanimous optimism amongst writers and thinkers everywhere. If you make it through the first week of the year uninspired, check your pulse.

The trick? Keeping that momentum going every day of the year. Taking pictures of the sunset every Monday when you get off work, just to admire it’s beauty. Posting to Facebook how much shit you’re going to make happen during the week ahead, and commenting on how awesome last weekends spontaneous dance party was. It’s things like this, celebrating every little moment, every success – those things we’re all doing right now, that I implore you to continue doing, every Friday, every Monday, and every day throughout the year.

So, the first Quick Hits of 2012. I better make it a good one, eh? Here goes nothing…

Best From Around the Web

  • How To Survive Your First Year as an Entrepreneur – Outstanding, or at least, interesting advice shared in this article on TechCrunch. I’m all-in on Jame’s advice of bringing in a masseuse to the office every Friday, but the one point that I agree with more than any other? Follow up. I am a perpetual follower-upper, and for the few times it may be annoying to clients, it’s more than paid off time and time again.

  • How to Set Goals and Keep New Years Resolutions – Laura shares some great advice on not only making resolutions, but keeping them. Her best piece of advice? Post your goals in a physical space you can see them every day. Be reminded by them. Don’t stow them away in a diary or Word Doc. Post them up, pass by them daily, and be reminded, often, to stay on track.
  • Resolved – I love Paige’s writing. It’s refreshing, but above all, real. In her inaugural post of 2012 she talks about having that “rock”, that someone in your life that loves you, supports you, and in short, is always there. We all need that rock, whether it be a significant other, a family member, a friend, or a business partner. In short, don’t be afraid to lean on someone else from time to time, and let them lean back.
  • Commit to the Right Things – The title says it all. Amber Rae hits the nail on the head and it’s something we ALL should take note of and instill into our own decision making this year, and every year after. Don’t over-commit. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Say no to the wrong things and leave yourself open to say “yes” when the right thing comes your way.
  • Resolutions are hard – Melissa splashes a bit of realistic optimism into the mix of “you can do anything” articles we know and love. Her point? That yes, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. But it’s going to be hard. Damn hard. Don’t expect that greatness, and achieving incredible things, will be easy. It’ll be tough, but totally worth it.

My Week in Review

  • On Monday I shared a recap of my 2011 year and slapped a label on 2012 of “best year ever”. Yeah, I called it. Now I just have to go make it happen.

What did you discover this week? How is your year getting started? Here’s to an incredible year ahead of us!

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