Friday Quick Hits – The Year of Optimism Edition

For the first time in 2012, TGIF! As a blogger and as someone who reads a lot of blogs, what I love more than anything about the first week of the year is the unanimous optimism amongst writers and thinkers everywhere. If you make it through the first week of the year uninspired, check your pulse.

The trick? Keeping that momentum going every day of the year. Taking pictures of the sunset every Monday when you get off work, just to admire it’s beauty. Posting to Facebook how much shit you’re going to make happen during the week ahead, and commenting on how awesome last weekends spontaneous dance party was. It’s things like this, celebrating every little moment, every success – those things we’re all doing right now, that I implore you to continue doing, every Friday, every Monday, and every day throughout the year.

So, the first Quick Hits of 2012. I better make it a good one, eh? Here goes nothing…

Best From Around the Web

My Week in Review

What did you discover this week? How is your year getting started? Here’s to an incredible year ahead of us!

10 Responses
  • Kate Hall Reply

    “Taking pictures of the sunset every Monday when you get off work…” I *might* be guilty of that one! Great roundup of the 1st week of 2012 – Cheers!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Only as guilty as me instagraming basically every coffee or beer I ever drink. Though, I was pinning you as a “recounting crazy 90s dance parties from last weekend” type. :)

      • Kate Hall Reply

        If only the 90′s dance parties weren’t so few and far between, then I would be! Perhaps that can go on my resolution list!

        • Matt Cheuvront Reply

          Well I have a fridge stocked full of beer and an iPod. Everything we need for a repeat this weekend.

  • Laura Kimball Reply

    Gosh, Mr. Matt, thanks for including me in your round up! Happy Friday!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      You got it, Laura. Here’s to not only setting those resolutions and goals, but sticking with them! (PS, let me know about chatting next week)

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