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Freedom Fighting and Business Building

The following is a guest post from Maren Kate. Maren is an entrepreneur, aspiring internet marketer and avid writer. Do yourself a favor and follow Maren on her journey by reading her blog, Escaping the 9 to 5.

One of the reasons I’ve always loved Matt’s blog is because he encourages us to live a life that is less restricted and the idea of no pants is as unrestricted as it gets. But why just lead a life without pants? Why can’t you build a business or be an entrepreneur while maintaining a state of pantlessness?

Now I’m not, necessarily, encouraging you to go to work without your pants (but if you do PLEASE send me photos!) nor am I saying the fastest way to entrepreneurial success is to go slack/skirt-less. But the concept of building a business that helps you live a life without restrictions is at the heart of everything I do and one of the best paths (I believe) to fulfilling all your dreams.

Money makes the world go round…

Now listen, don’t get all holier-than-thou on me, you and I both know that currency (regardless of what form it takes) is what drives the global economy. Money is not evil, nor is it good. It just is. It’s a placeholder for value and in our world we trade perceived value for perceived value every day. Your dollar isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on without ‘perceived value’ and I hate to break it to you but neither is that Coke you just spent 2 bucks on.

So you can either throw a hissy and say how ‘unfair’ it is that you can’t just live in a society where money doesn’t matter or you can say ‘hey I want to do X, Y and Z’ and for some of those it’ll take money… thus I need to make sure money isn’t an ‘issue’ in my life anymore.

What’s the number one reason people say they can’t do something…

If you guessed MONEY you’d be right! Ask 10 of your friends what they’d love to do if they could – 9 of them will say something related to money (and that one hippy friend will say ‘world peace man’). Now ask them “why haven’t you done it then?” and they’ll look at you – smirk – and respond with “Money Bro!” (maybe they won’t say bro, but you get the point).

If you had infinite amounts of money would your life be perfect?

Most people, whether they admit it or not actually think that tons of money would bring happiness. The fact is this couldn’t be further from the truth. I know this sounds weird. It’s hard for people to here that for most to live the life of their dreams they need some amount of money but if you pursue money as your main goal you won’t be happy.

Let me explain: for most of my young life I was obsessed with getting money. For me money = happiness because I thought ‘well with money I can do all the things I’ve always wanted to do‘. It took me a lot of soul searching and reading several pivotal books to realize that if I had a million bucks I’d buy some crap, take some trips but then be just as unsatisfied as I was before – just blowing my nose into hundos instead of Kleenex.

It took me realizing that money wasn’t my goal but instead I was chasing freedom before I could break free from this awful belief cycle and start living my life. I realized that I didn’t want money necessarily, it was just the means to the end, the end was freedom: the freedom to pick up and travel Europe if I wanted to, the freedom to not be in debt, the freedom to provide for myself and others who may need help.

These goals were far more enlightened than money for money’s sake and the craziest part is AS SOON as I realized I wasn’t fighting for money but for freedom the money started pouring in.

Start a business, become a freedom fighter…

I consider myself a freedom fighter. Why? Because I fight for my freedom (obviously!). I refuse to work 9 to 5 for a corporation who sees me as a replaceable drone and I don’t like living the one precious life I have on someone else’s terms. Now I could be a freedom fighter and hide out in caves fighting the insurgents or I could be an entrepreneurial freedom fighter (much safer and no foxholes) and fight the man while building up an amazing life for myself through the means I have available.

Starting your own business can be anything from selling your artwork on the street, to consulting, to starting a website that becomes the next eBay. A successful business gives you enough to live on (and then some) as well as fulfills you because you are doing something you’re passionate about.

So let me ask you this? Are you completely happy in what your doing now? If not then you must get out now! Life is too short to work a job you hate and do mediocre things. You must fight for a life where you can be fulfilled, be successful and help others do the same! If it takes you the next five years of hard work to build a business that will last a lifetime it’s worth it. Think of the trade off? You could either stay in your ‘golden handcuffs’ slaving away in the corporate world, or you could break free and chose your own path.

How to be a truly pantless entrepreneur…

So what does this have to do with living life without pants? Well it means that you chose a path that not only fulfills your creative side but also gives you enough money to live a life unhindered. It means you don’t answer to suits all day, nor are you forced to wear one yourself (unless you want to of course!). Being a pantless entrepreneur means that you see the status quo (the state of being fully dressed) and go in the complete opposite direction.

Do you have what it takes to rip off the pants that bind you and drop your drawers in protest (hypothetically of course)? If so you have an amazing life in front of you. One that isn’t defined by what’s ‘normal’ but instead one that is defined by freedom, by fulfillment and most importantly by getting the most out of life.

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  1. Hey Maren,

    Yeah too many people still don't realize how easy it is to establish your own business via the internet – and the freedom it brings you. And not only that – if you happen to become known one way or another – you can even inspire the people around to do the same. So much opportunity, so less time.

  2. What an awesome post, Maren. The great thing about living without pants (physically or otherwise!) is that you can do it at your own speed. Keep a part-time job while you get up and running, or go full-tilt (just make sure you have enough savings in place).

    Here's to more pantless people :)

  3. Hey Maren – you've reminded me. Several years ago we ran a competition among my mates to see who could get a pic of themselves, pantless, in fact everything less @ work! There were lots of creative entries, with strategically placed office equipment. He he. Thanks for reminding me of a fun project, will now read the rest of your article. Cheers!

  4. Great blog. Just discovered you from your comment on Melissa's site Peace & Projects. I'm gonna subscribe. My husband is all about going commando, I've worked on a tv show that had the motto go commando and have t-shirts that say that very thing so I think it's fate that I read your blog religiously. Love your attitude and fire.

  5. Don't forget that the one most important thing you need to shed is fear. You can be pant less, topless or heck completely naked, but if you still are 'wearing' your fear draped around your neck like a big heavy scarf protecting you from the elements then you are not going to get very far.

  6. Maren,

    This is solid advice. I've been down this exact road myself. When I was younger, I took every job that I had because of money. In fact the worst job I've ever had ( my first job out of college) which made my life an absolute living hell, I chose because it paid 5,000 dollars more than a job would have been much better. To add insult to injury 3 weeks after Is started I got a 20% paycut. The irony now is that when I stopped worrying about money and chose to focus on freedom, I'm making more money and happier.

    Living a normal life is basically for people who fear uncertainty and the unlimited potential that comes with uncertainty. Looks like you're everywhere this week :)

  7. The idea of using the internet to start one's own business is a good idea. People who have disabilities should be shown this as a better option than taking disability payments with all the strings that go with it. Hope more disabled people and parents of disabled kids learn about the option.

  8. Living a normal life is basically for people who fear uncertainty and the unlimited potential that comes with uncertainty.

    -Disagree. What is a normal life? What you and everyone else thinks it is? What is normal to you is abnormal to someone else. It's not out of fear or unlimited potential, it's because of a way that people choose to live their lives. Don't be quick to judge what is normal to others…

  9. Why I like the sentiment of the post, it doesn't work for everyone. We are not all rockstars, we can not all leave our jobs, pursue something we love, live location independently, or whatever else that others say to do.s be

    It's the truth. There will always be those who work as laborers, who don't work their job they 'love' but rather they work to make $$ to support themselves and their family, which is more noble than quitting a job just because you don't really like it.

  10. I am with you 100% Ryan. I think that 'freedom' can be defined in many many ways – and you can be just as passionate about working a “nine to five” as you can doing your own thing. I sincerely hope that my own voice does not come across as “everyone needs to be an entrepreneur”…This life is extremely new to me and who the heck knows if it's what I'll be doing a year from now. I'm living and learning.

    As you said – there are much more important things in life that being head over heels for your job. There's a lot to be said for making an honest living and working to support yourself and those you love.

    Thanks for the comment Ryan!

  11. Maren Kate, what were those books that changed your life? Just curious.

    I believe that money is the reason so many people have no idea what they wan to be “when they grow up.” Instead of figuring out what kind of life they want (one of freedom in your case), they think if they make a lot of money they'll be happy. The thing is money can only do so much. If you become a doctor, engineer or whatever because of the money you will never truly be satisfied. Then when you are making lots of money you create a lifestyle that depends on you to keep working those hours at that unfulfilling job. A vicious cycle indeed.

  12. Like Ryan, I enjoy the sentiment of this post but real life puts a bit of a downer on it for me. I have a family and a home and on 1st of every month I have a whole load of bills that need to be paid. I work in a 8-7 job (hell, I'd even settle for 9-5!) which I hate just to meet these bills every month and as a result I can't just up and go. HOWEVER these blogs are inspiring me to try to change my life, but it's gonna take a lot of hard work and a large dollop of luck to be in a position where I can quit my job and rely on other income to enable me to change my lifestyle. In short, keep up these great posts – whilst they split me between envy and inspiration, I still find them extremely helpful and informative.