F**K You

A little reminder to take a deep breath, lighten up and when in doubt, say “f**k you”.

More importantly, this song is awesome and what more could you ask for on a Wednesday? Spread the love, share this with your friends, and have a great day!

(Song & video c/o Cee-Lo Green – www.ceelogreen.com)

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  • Anonymous Reply

    NSFW… Unless you work some place where people appreciate well done humor and viral videos :)

    Everyone in my office will be whistling (hopefully not singing, as it could cause some, err.. confusion) this for the rest of the week.

  • Emily Jane Reply

    Such an upbeat song for such harsh lyrics lol, love it

  • Go Jonny Go Reply

    Mate, that brought a smile to my face all the way through. Might have to watch it again in fact.

  • Evelinevianna Reply

    Loved the music. Perfect for today!

  • Brett Reply

    I was a skeptic. “Matt Chevy must be f**king crazy because it’s his last day in Chitown and his taste has gone down the toilet,” I said to myself about 8 hours ago, when I checked my feed reader.

    Now that I’ve watched it… I’m thinking to myself, “Well, fuck you, self. Why did I ever doubt Matt Chevy’s infinite wisdom?”

    Epic video.

  • Anonymous Reply

    hahaha, thanks! this is going on the ipod right after Lily Allen’s “F*ck You Very Much” for those days when nothing else will do!

  • Shannon Reply

    hahhaha awesome. Thanks!!

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