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Finish with a Bang

Holy crap, where has the year gone?

Somehow, someway, we’ve arrived (already) at the month of December. Our Christmas trees are up, we’re sipping Gingerbread Lattes, and our eyes are on enjoying some time off with friends and family through the holidays.

How has your year been? What have you done? What have you accomplished? What’s been left on the table?

December is about reflecting and planning for what’s next. It’s knowing where you’ve come from and considering where you want to be this time next year. It’s making resolutions and setting goals. Somehow, as I mentioned a couple years ago as 2009 came to a close, we convince ourselves that New Years Day is the ONE day that we can make big changes.

“…On January 1st we get to push the “reset” button within our own minds and suddenly, we feel that we can accomplish anything BECAUSE it’s a new year. We tell ourselves we can conquer it all; quit smoking, lose weight, travel the world, start a company, write a book. It’s almost like a day on a calendar causes us to have this inner-revelation that we are actually capable of controlling our own life – that we do have the power to make things happen…”

But it’s not about a date on the calendar. Changes and resolutions? We’re capable of making them today, tomorrow, or any day of the year.

Before you look ahead to next year, look at today. Look at tomorrow. Look at the next 31 days. How can you walk into 2012 not only with a plan, but with momentum?

What can you do, what WILL you do to finish 2011 with a bang?

Got it? Now go make it happen.


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  1. I try not to tell myself to wait until the new year to change. I want change now!

    I do hope that I accomplish more in 2012 than I did this year (and I’ll say that about every new year), but I’m psyched to get to work!

  2. It’s so true – our little minds love the idea that a day on the calendar can hold us accountable to change. Perhaps we should pick a time on the clock instead – a daily motivator rather than an annual one.

    Speaking of clocks, my relationship with time is my focus for change. I am starting right this minute to embrace the discipline needed to do those things most important to me!