The first step to making a million bucks? Start doing exceptional work today that’ll lead to more work tomorrow.

The first step to running a marathon? Lace up your shoes and head out the door for a run this morning.

The first step to discovering what you should be doing? Try.

The first step to discovering what you shouldn’t be doing? Try.

We’re constantly held back from getting started because we’re afraid of how we’ll finish (or if we’ll finish at all). We let the end goal hold us back from crossing the starting line.

Starting is the trickiest, and also the easiest step in the process of doing great things.

You don’t need to know the outcome to be confident about taking the first step. [tweet this]

As I said in a post I wrote last year:

“I don’t know how” holds us back from doing what we want to be doing. We let can/cannot hold us back from want/need. We’re unsure of the outcome – we don’t want to get burned – we’re terrified, absolutely terrified of failing, so we never take the first step.

Don’t let fear and uncertainty hold you back – let it propel you and motivate you into doing great, epic, incredible, beautiful things.

Take the first step.

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I empower folks to do the work they want to do and live the life they want to live. I also watch entirely too much Saved by the Bell, run marathons, and drink plenty of craft beer. Check out the work my company is doing at Proof Branding.