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Eight Hundred Seventy Nine

This year I’ve ran 879 miles. Two full marathons, two halves, and several shorter races later, I’ve challenged and pushed myself this year in ways that, at this time last year, I never would have thought possible.

But here I am, 879 miles later. And during that time I’ve grown personally and professionally and discovered more about myself this year than any year that’s come before.

And here we all are, with 21 days left in 2012. It’s right around this time that we start looking to next year – planning our resolutions, goals, and big dreams.

Today I encourage you to pump the breaks and look to the immediate future – namely – the 21 days you have left to finish 2012 with a bang.

Set a goal. Push yourself just a little bit further. Do something bold. Finish well. 

With 879 miles in the books – I’m focused on 121 – the number of miles I need to hit 1,000 for the year. It’s an ambitious goal, sure, but that’s what this time of year is for.

The best part of a marathon? That first glimpse of the finish line. Because as exhausted as you are, in that moment, when you see it, you instinctually push yourself harder – you run faster – you believe in yourself more than you ever have. It’s that 60 seconds of elation – and that alone – that keeps you coming back for more.

That same mindset can and should be applied to the next 21 days. The finish line in sight just ahead, it’s time to finish strong.

How will you finish 2012 with a bang?

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  1. The ginourmous goal I’m focused on is saving the farm I love (and on which I’m a caretaker) by successfully raising almost a million dollars to buy the farm and turn it into a retreat space and sustainable learning center run on a gift economy model. We’ve starting from zero, with a crowdfunding campaign run without internet access on the farm.

    All those “Dream Big!” messages over the years must’ve taken root, because I believe that this goal, while hugely ambitious, is attainable.

    I’m asking everyone who has any interest in seeing new ideas explored, miracles manifested, or feeling like a philanthropist (which feels fabulous) to contribute just one dollar, and ask a few like-minded friends to do the same — one dollar, and pass it on. With your participation, my goal can be achieved and we can save the farm from being sold!

  2. i like it when you put it that way: it’s time to finish strong.
    I have just graduated this May and started my job. differnt from other years, I actually have more workingd time than studying time.
    I am usually a beginner and lack of determination of following through, this year, this time, it’s time to start doing things differently.
    i dont expect to finish strong, I just hope to finish much less weaker.

  3. I found your post quite ironic being that I’m about to about to turn 30 on Saturday (12/15) and on that day complete my 15 day Birthday Pay it Forward/ Good Dead thing (I have no word to truly describe it because it’s not a list, rather events or situations that present themselves where I can give back). In the same way that people see the calender “New Year”, I see that I’m going into “My New Year” as I get a year older. I’m not one to like to follow the crowd so this is was my way of doing my own thing but I’m also not one who likes to receive gifts rather give them.
    I was profoundly effected by the movie ‘Pay it Forward’ when I saw it when I was 18 and since then each year for the number of years I will be from Dec 1st to Dec 15th, I (if in my power and/or a situation presents itself) will give back or help someone or doing something to make someone’s day. I see it as starting off my next year on a positive foot but also leveling the playing field in the giving/receiving category ie Paying it Forward. IDK, people tell me it sounds odd but honestly, I don’t care because it makes me happy and well I try to live my life with the mind set of Paying it Forward because I’ve been given opportunities that most people with my upbringing would never get all because someone Payed it Forward to me.

  4. Great timely message, that I think we might all need to pause and heed. I feel like we’re all barreling toward 2013 at warp speed and not taking the time to really think about what we want to do to finish strong.

    I’m personally going to put more time into editing some of my manuscript for my upcoming book, I wrote a lot in 2012 and will continue into 2013, but I want what I have to be the good polished stuff.

  5. Well, I quit my job last thursday, so life is good :-) You were a big inspiration to that! My goal for the end of the year is to CREATE something every day. I am an artist and I love to draw paint sew dance write photograph collect record… you get the picture. I started following your blog a few weeks ago, while sitting at that shitty job where there was no room for my expression. THANKS for the inspiration. Maybe next year I’ll run a marathon :-) orrrr paint something related to running :-) Either way, it will be my choice, and not my employers :-D