Don’t Get Too Comfortable [Video]

Yes, another video blog while driving. Danger’s my middle name

As bloggers. As writers. As human beings – we all strive to create our own comfort zones. We establish communities around ourselves that make us feel safe, accepted, and content. But often we fail to realize the impact and influence we (can) have on others. Challenge yourself to step outside the box and try something new, leave yourself vulnerable to criticism, don’t always do what’s safe, ignore the critics, do what YOU want, and say what YOU want to say. Don’t just be content with where you are, push yourself to reach new heights. Seize today, and every day, as an opportunity to challenge others and allow yourself to be others as you navigate through this thing called life.

Reach out and touch someone new

This concept especially applies to bloggers and entrepreneurs. Recently, I wrote an article on ‘How to Take Over the World With Your Blog‘ – the emphasis here us to ultimately challenge yourself. It’s SO easy to settle in our communities of bloggers – and while I more than appreciate those of you who frequent the blog, I want to continually grow the community here – in fact, I never want it to stop growing. So I (attempt) to reach out and ‘touch’ new people with each post I write – sometimes I am successful, other times not so much – and a lot of it has to grow naturally, some of it is on you all to tell a friend or two about something you read here. The moments that I see a completely new person come through and care enough to post a comment, are the moments that I know I am achieving at least some level of success as an online journalist.

Write about what others’ will not

Second, and maybe even more importantly – engage in CHALLENGING topics. Write about topics you have a strong opinion on – do so tastefully, but be honest, be real. Genuine writing is the most effective writing, whether people agree or disagree, more times than not, the majority will respect you for speaking from the heart, maybe not focusing on eloquence and being nice, but instead saying ‘what has to be said’ or what others may be afraid to say. In doing this, allow yourself to remain open for criticism – it’s OK to stand firm in your beliefs, but maintain an open forum for discussion – odds are, I’m no more ‘right’ than you are – so we’re both allowed to have totally different opinions – and that’s fine. I think we (myself included) get caught up in writing almost TOO objectively, trying to appeal to the masses, and in doing so, at times, we lose a little bit of our own voice and our own opinion.

The teacher becomes the student

Hopefully you will take some of this to heart as you move forward in your blogging and entrepreneurial endeavors. YOU all are what keep ME inspired, motivate me to keep doing what I do, writing, enlightening, inspiring (hopefully), educating, and entertaining – but this blog is just as much of a learning experience for me as I hope that it is for you. All of you who come through here and take the time to write your thoughts have opened my eyes and my mind to new ways of thinking. In the end, that’s really what it’s all about.

So this week, MY DIRECT CHALLENGE TO YOU, is to write an OPINIONATED blog post. Be daring, be bold, and most importantly, be REAL. Whatever the topic is, speak your mind and share some raw emotion. Don’t necessarily write for the sake of controversy, but be subjective, it’s OK, it’s your blog – so make it your own. And if (when) you do, if this inspired you to do so, come back through and share the link to your post with the rest of the community. Teach all of us something new!