Yo, Dockers! I was here first!

The Monday morning after the Super Bowl is one of the most depressing days of the year for me. No football for six months can do that to a man. And once March Madness comes and goes…there’s REALLY not much for yours truly to look forward to in the world of sports (sorry to fans of other sports out there – football is just sort of my thing).

Each year it’s something different with the Super Bowl – am I watching it for the game or the commercials? This year – Colts v. Saints had me thinking much more about what beer and junk food commercials we would be graced with over the action on the field. In case you missed it, there was a plethora of Bud Light, Doritos, & GoDaddy commercials (like always)…but there was ONE commercial in particular that threw me for a loop.

(Click here to watch the Dockers “I Wear No Pants” Super Bowl Ad)

So…maybe you didn’t realize this people, but this is the song I sing to myself every morning. It’s part of my “morning ritual”. Coffee, shower, walk the dog, sing “I Wear No Pants”. I take Life Without Pants very literally and very seriously – walking around sans pants isn’t just and idea, it isn’t just a silly blog title. It’s a way of life…

OK, but seriously – the “life without pants” mantra is clearly catching on – and for the record, I was totally here first. To Dockers: If you want to throw me a cool $10 mil or so, I’d consider selling you the domain (come on people, everyone and every blog has their price). Let’s talk.

5 other observations from “Super Bowl intermissions”

  • Betty White Snickers ad was my favorite
  • The GoDaddy commercials are yesterday’s news. Sorry Danica
  • I was wondering when someone would remake an uber-violent “serious” version of Robin Hood (although I’m still partial to “Men in Tights”.
  • Will the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercials EVER end?
  • If you ever have to pick a day to go to Denny’s, pick tomorrow (February 9th) and your birthday. Free Grand Slam anyone?

What were some of your best (and worst) moments from this years Super Bowl Brand Bowl?