Developing Dreamers


Pac Man undoubtedly exists at the summit of classic arcade glory. So when Tyler Neylon was challenged to develop it in one day, it would seem to be absolutely crazy, right?

Challenge accepted.

“My own challenge began when I made a remark about how easy it is today to build the old-school games like Pac-Man. Less than a day, easy, I said. My wife, being skeptical, and I, loving a code crunch, turned this into an official double-dog-dare. I had to do it.”

Tyler got to work, and along the way, discovered quite a few “easter eggs” behind the scenes of the beloved game we all spent entirely too many quarters on during our youth.

PacPac is the outcome of this one day project. 100% open-source. With three mazes, it’s already thrice as many as the original…and still growing.

As much as today’s post is about creating, it’s even more about giving way to others discovering their passion to create:

“The best outcome I can imagine for PacPac is to open the eyes of a player peeking behind the curtains for the first time and stepping toward their own potential as a creator.”

The best thing we can do as developers – as makers – as creators, is to share our gifts, our passions, with others. (Tweet this)

To do our part in accepting the challenge of creating a community that dares to be inspired and isn’t afraid to dream big.

“Maybe you’re one of the inspired ones. The ones who love to learn, to dream, and to build. Just in case it’s you out there, dreaming up virtual worlds — don’t forget a few good easter eggs.”

Inspired by: A Game When Games Were New