Dear You, From You

Dear Matt,

It’s 2015 – I’m 5 years ahead of you writing, well, you to let you know what life is like, and to put some things into perspective.

You’re probably wondering what life is like in 2015 – well, let me tell you. Yes, there are hover cars – no Twitter does not exist, Facebook, Google and Apple came together and now own the entire world, everyone wears silver suits like those 1960 space movies, and yes, Saved by the Bell reruns still come on TBS.

So all in all, you have a lot to look forward to. Future life is pretty sweet. Oh, and you also have lots of money, like, a lot a lot. And everyone loves you. Yes, that too.

As your year comes to a close and another year is on the horizon, here are a few things to think about and to remember – a few “reminders” from you slightly older and wiser self.

  • Never (ever) forget your roots. A lot of things have happened and a lot more is going to happen. 2010 was a testament to realizing just how much life can change, for the better. Through all the successes and failures, never forget where you started, before this all began, before you knew what you wanted to do, before you were able to call yourself an entrepreneur – and don’t take a single moment for granted. Thank everyone who helps you along the way, extend gratitude to every client that places their trust in you, and stay humble.
  • Keep learning. You probably think you know it all – you have positioned yourself as an expert – but don’t let it get to your head. You don’t know it all, in fact, you don’t know much about most. Don’t ever stop learning – keep asking questions – keep challenging yourself to try new things and keep taking steps outside of your own comfort zone. It’ll get you far, and it’s the only way you’ll end up like, well, you…5 years from now.
  • Focus: You’re an idea-crazy person. You have a million different things going through your head all the time and it’s hard to decide which ones to pursue, and which ones to put aside. My biggest message to you is to focus – focus on what you want to be doing, focus on what your best at, and don’t spend too much time on the other things that stand in your way of being excellent at your greatest strengths.
  • Travel often. You’ve created a life for yourself that allows you a certain level of freedom. Use it to your advantage. Take your wife by the hand and go somewhere, anywhere. Just go. Travel across the country – go abroad – before you settle down, travel as much as possible.

Make time for yourself. And above all, relax. You work too much, and haven’t REALLY relaxed in a long, long time. That needs to change. Trust me. Put the computer down, unplug, and go do something else. Recharge, refuel…it makes a huge difference.

Keep doing what you do. Keep up the hard work, but don’t stress about backing off and taking it easy more often.

Signed your silver-suit wearing, hover-car driving, still Saved-by-the-Bell-rerun-watching self, Matt.

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