The Courage to be Afraid

I’m afraid.

  • Afraid of never doing enough.
  • Afraid of never being enough.
  • Afraid to break out of my routine.
  • Afraid to take the leap.
  • Afraid to commit.
  • Afraid to say no.
  • Afraid to say yes.
  • Afraid to try.
  • Afraid to fail.
  • Afraid of disappointing others.
  • Afraid of disappointing myself.
  • Afraid of what you’ll think.
  • Afraid of heading down the wrong path.
  • Afraid I’ll never live up to my expectations.

I’m afraid.

Life is scary my friends. It’s even scarier when you try. When you do. When you have the courage to create something better for yourself.

But as the late “Ambrose Redmoon” once said:

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.”

Fear can absolutely destroy you, if you let it. But what we often forget is how closely fear parallels success. That when we’re most anxious, worried, and afraid…we’re likely on to something. We’re doing something right. We’re chasing butterflies. Because the only way to get things done is to take a chance. To say yes. To take the first step, even when we’re not sure what the next one will be.

Don’t let myself – or anyone – fool you into believing that we’re not afraid. That we have it “all figured out”. Those people you respect and admire – just like you, there’s times when they don’t have a damn clue what they’re doing. There’s times when they’re absolutely terrified.

The difference? Instead of letting their fear hold them back and cripple them from living a full and complete life, they let fear be a motivator. They keep moving forward, even when they’re not sure why or how.

Here’s to having the courage to be afraid.

Here’s to embracing that fear…isn’t always something the be afraid of.