Skip the Latte, Make A Difference: I Am Convicted

Today I’m introducing a new “series” on Life Without Pants: Skip the Latte, Make a Difference (#skipthelatte) isn’t about asking for a lot. It’s about asking for something. $25.00 (that you would have spent on about six lattes) – to be exact – to make a difference toward a cause that matters.

It’s not a huge investment. It isn’t about having a monumental impact. It may not change the world. Or maybe it will. I hope this series, if nothing else, inspires you to embrace that something, anything, is better than nothing.

I am convicted by Brett Henley

WHAT IT IS: After 27 years in Tennessee’s most notorious prisons, Andy Dixon found hope and redemption. i am convicted is his story. i am convicted tells the story of Andy Dixon and his 27 years spent in prison, it’s a “real human story – of the realities of prison, but also the power to transform and reinvent”. 

I had the pleasure of meeting author Brett Henley recently, and there isn’t a bone in his body that isn’t filled with passion and conviction in the power of a story like Andy’s, and how his story can inspire real change, education, and action.

WHY YOU SHOULD GIVE A DAMN: i am convicted is a story that needs to be told. It is a story proving that change, real change, is within us all. Regardless of our mistakes, our crimes, or our sins, we can find forgiveness, awareness, understanding, and love. It’s a beautiful message found, in this case, in some of the most unlikely of places.

But there’s also a mission Brett hopes all writers and authors can connect with. As Brett says:

“… I’m experimenting with what defines success for independent storytellers. There are lessons from my journey that I know can help anyone who is afraid to take the leap and write a story that the world may need, right now…”

Whether you’ve been afraid to write that one blog post about your faith, or you’ve been holding off on putting pen to paper on a story you’ve always wanted to tell, i am convicted wants to help break down those barriers – because every story, your story, is compelling, engaging, inspiring, and deserves to be told.