Coming Full Circle (So Long, Chicago)

The past year of my life has been insane. Good insane. But insane.

Through it all, I’ve learned so much about myself, what I’m capable of, my flaws and my strengths. Chicago has embraced me with open arms and I have made incredible friendships and connections that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I am extremely grateful I’ve ended up where I am. To say that I never thought I would be where I am right now – at 24 years old – is an understatement. I remember sitting in my cubicle a little more than a year ago, writing for Life Without Pants, wondering if I could ever actually enjoy work, wondering what I was going to do with my life…

If you know me well, you know I’m the type of person who always has to have a ‘project’. That project can be personal or professional – but one of my greatest fears is not having that ‘something’ on the horizon, that BHAG in the distance to accomplish, an obstacle to overcome. Complacency isn’t in my DNA, sitting stagnant isn’t something I’ve ever done.

So here I am, married, running my own business…wondering what’s next…

To ‘cut to the chase’, I’m packing my things, pursuing a new business endeavor, and moving BACK to where it all began, back to where I spent the first 23 years of my life. Nashville, here I come. September 1st, to be exact…

This was not an easy decision by any means. A lot of thought went into this over the past several months, but for my wife and I, we’re moving to a place that feels more like home – more “us”. We’re moving to a place where I see a lot of opportunity for myself, and most importantly, we’re moving to a place where my better half can purse HER passions.

Chicago…what can I say? There are so (so) many great people here that I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting, working with, and calling friends. To all of you who have sat down and listened to me ramble and rant over coffee or a drink, to those who meet with me regularly on my Tuesday’s in the city, I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss that and how important this past year has been to me.

For me, for my wife and I…this is the next chapter. It’s bittersweet and extremely exciting all at the same time…we’re leaving a lot behind and coming face to face with a ton of new opportunity and potential.

And…that’s that. Turning the page to chapter 2, or whatever chapter we’re on at this point. If you’re in Chicago, let’s please get together for a cup of coffee or a beer before I ship out of town in a couple weeks. If you’re in Nashville, keep the seat warm for me…I’ll be there soon…

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45 Responses
  • Marian Schembari Reply

    Weeee!!! Good luck!!

  • Brett Reply

    Good luck in Nashville, Matt! Hopefully you find it every bit as fulfilling as your time in Chicago!

  • Elizabeth Reply

    So excited for you, Matt! I wish you and your wife much success in your “next chapter” :)

  • Ali Davies Reply

    I can, to some extent, relate to what you are feeling. 4 years ago me, husband & son moved from the UK to Ireland. It comes with so many mixed emotions but driven by a sense of wanting to being somewhere that feels like “us” (to coin your phrase). Enjoy this exciting time and wishing you and your wife every success and happiness.

  • Ryan Knapp Reply

    Good luck back home Matt. Wishing you all the best.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Marian! How's everything going for you across the pond?

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Brett – Chicago is a great place – we very may well be back here someday, but for now, we're both really excited for what lies ahead in Nashville! Cheers!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thank you Elizabeth! My wife is going through what I went through a year ago – putting in her two week notice without anything lined up (yet) in Nashville. It's a nerve-wracking and extremely exciting time all at once. Can't believe we'll be driving a moving van down to Nashville two weeks from today. Things sure do happen fast…

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks, Ryan. You're gearing up for a move to Kansas City, right? Or did that already happen and I missed it. I'm pretty sure with all the non-stop transitions, I have “Life ADD” (or so my wife calls it).

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks Ali – We figure that this is the time in our lives where we have some room to 'figure things out' – no mortgage, no kids, a lot more 'freedom' so to speak. So we want to make sure we spend a little more time 'figuring things out' so to speak, before we settle down. Thank you for the well-wishes!

  • Marian Schembari Reply

    Everything's going swimmingly, thanks!

  • Jennsutherland Reply

    We're really going to miss you here in Chitown, Matt! But it sounds like an exciting new chapter is beginning, and we'll always be here when you want to stop in for a little Chicago magic!

  • John Anyasor Reply

    Just sent you a DM. We've gotta meet up before you head off to Nashville, dude.

  • phampants Reply

    Chicago will miss you.

  • stanigator Reply

    How's the move to Nashville so far?

  • emilyjasper Reply

    Best of luck to you! After moving for the second time this summer (finally back in Virginia!), I know what it's like to want to go back to a place you consider home. I think that sometimes, the adventure isn't in a new location, but new careers, passions, and dreams. Best of luck!!

  • Andrew Weaver Reply

    Good luck, fine sir. I am sure things will work out well both you and your wife in Nashville.

  • Ryan Knapp Reply

    Yessir. Just arrived today, starting my job with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America on Wednesday. Can't wait.

  • Amanda Taylor Reply

    Wow! Good luck with the move! I just went through a similar move, from Vancouver to Missouri. Back home now, and it feels great. I hope you settle in nicely, too!

  • Laurie Steiner Reply

    How exciting for you and your wife! I can't wait to hear how this new chapter goes for you. Wishing you nothing but the best of luck :)

  • sameve Reply

    Best of luck on your new adventure! I have to say, I had a feeling you'd end up back in Nashville :)

  • Sara Davidson Reply

    Good luck, Matt!!! So happy for you and looking forward to catching up about it!

  • Susan Pogorzelski Reply

    Isn’t this just an incredible testament to the fact that you never, ever know where life will bring you? Or where it will bring you back to, in this case. ;) Good luck in Nashville, Matt!

  • Derek Jensen Reply

    I wish you the best! Let me know how Nashville is!

  • Mark Reply

    Glad you enjoyed this great city of Chicago! Rock out the next chapter man!

  • Lauren Reply

    Sad I didn’t make it out to Chi-Town before you move on, but good luck! I know you’ll do great things wherever you are :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks buddy. Hold down the fort while I’m gone!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Chicago will be missed, without a doubt, but I know I’ll be back often. Hope to see you Wednesday night!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Haven’t moved there yet, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop as to how things are going…

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks buddy! One of these days you and I need to have a chat.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    It’s interesting….after college we tell ourselves that we’ve gotta’ get away from home but more often than not, we end up coming full circle. Nashville isn’t permanent by any means (then again what is these days?) but I’m excited for it to be the next chapter. Thanks as always for the support, Emily.

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks, Amanda! Moving stinks but getting settled into a new place is always a good time. Looking forward to it!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks, Sara. Looking forward to chatting soon!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Did you? Well, as quick as I am moving back to Nashville, I could just as quickly pick up and move somewhere else or end up back in Chicago. Who knows…but the ‘not knowing what’s next’ is what keeps things interesting… :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks, Laurie. Maybe the change of scenery will bring us good luck to actually sit down and chat soon! :)

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Very, very true. You never know where life will take you (and that’s an understatement). I hope all is well with you, Susan. Have you moved into the casa yet? We’ll have to talk soon!

  • Matt Cheuvront Reply

    Thanks, Lauren! I’m actually coming out your way again in October (well, Palo Alto – that’s SORT OF close, right?) Maybe we can manage to get together when I’m back out west?!

  • Laurie Steiner Reply

    Yes! Let me know when you’re settled and we’ll definitely set something up. Now that the summer is winding down, my schedule is much less hectic. Hope to talk to you soon!

  • DShan Reply

    My friend, I’m sad to see you leave our fair city, and that’s coming from a dude who left eight months ago.

    Life’s not something to ignore, that’s for sure, and one of its delights is certainly putting yourself in new cities and carrying your new challenges there with you. I hope the move is great for business, love, and life.

    You’re a rockstar.

  • Ivan Campuzano Reply

    life is dynamic, uncertainty is it’s very nature…glad to hear you embraced that and had a great year…in a life that is uncertain we need to get in tune with our hearts…the mind only knows the old and known…but if you know how to listen the heart takes you into the new and unknown…good luck in following your heart back home to nashville….

  • Anonymous Reply

    Hope Chapter 2 is a real page-turner!

  • Amir Anzur Reply

    Good luck on your journey! Remember If you are not willing to pursue your dream, then you might as well be the rest of the world living in their sad little cubicles.

  • Brooke Schantz, MS, RD, LDN Reply

    Matt, I wish you the best! How is the move going so far? The good thing is eventhough you are left Chicago…we can all read your blog from any location :)!

  • Yakezie Reply

    Good thing you ain’t in Chicago! It’s getting BLITZED!

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